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RED STORM: Opinions welcomed: 11/13/2015 02:15:14

[WOLF] The Conservative
Level 56
Decided to write a story with the People in it being members of my clan, opinions always welcomed

CHAPTER 1: Its Over

PLACE: Somewhere Over The Atlantic

" Its Over!!! When Will You Accept That Eric!? When Will You Finally Accept The Fact That Nothing Will Ever Be The Same!!? ". Wilson Andrews Took Off his Glasses And Laid His Head Gently In His Hands, Shaking, And Then Continued " We Failed, All Of Us, We All Simply Failed ". Wilson Carmichael Andrews Looked Exactly Like Something you would have seen in a James Bond Movie, Minus The Glasses Of Course. He Was Tall, Had Dark Long Hair Usually Combed Nicely Behind His Ears, With a Clean Shaven Face And Was Rarely Dressed In Anything But a Suit And Tie. He Had Accepted The Role Of National Security Advisor Early On In His Career And Even Though His Critics Mocked Him As a, Well, As The Washington Post Put It " A Playboy Who Probably Banged His Professors At Yale In Order To Pass " But His Quick Mind, Charm And Personality Soon Shushed Them. The Room Was Silent, The President, Looking Out The Window Of The Boeing 47 That Bore The Name Air Force One, Was Torn Between His Emotions And His Sense Of Logic. Just Then The Vice-President Stood And Looked Across The Conference Table Where Some Of The Greatest Minds In America Were Sitting. " We Have All Seen Trouble And Hardships But This One, Obviously, Is Worse Then The Occasional Affair Of an Important Senator Or Even The Assassination Of A Trusted Aid. We, Here In This Room, Hold What Is Left Of Western Civilization and Gentlemen We Will Carry Out Our Duties With Dignity And Honor With Nothing But Our Best Put Fourth In The Name Of Our Country And Let No Man Hinder Us From Completing The Job You And I Were Born To Fulfil Today And Tomorrow ". Vice-President Daniel Houston Was Definitely A Man Who Had a Way With Words. He Was The Oldest And Most Experienced Man In The Room When It Came To Serving His Country Whether It Was In The Jungles Of Panama Or The Deserts Of Syria. Houston Had Been The Very popular Republican Governor Of California. Having Turned His State Around Very Quickly And After Becoming Chairmen Of The National Governors Association, He Made a Series Of Challenges Against Republican Presidential Candidates but All To No Avail Even Though Each Time He Came Very Close To Taking The Nomination. Nicknamed The Second Reagan, Houston However Lacked The Good Looks That The Former President Had had. Having Short Gray Hair, A Mustache, And Bearing a Deep Rich Voice, He Looked As If He Should Be Hosting NBC Dateline Rather Then Being One Of America's Most Beloved Political Figures.
" Andrew I'm Sorry But Your Lack Of Faith In Our Ability To Protect Our Nation Quite Frankly Is Disturbing And I Suggest If You Want To Stay Here You Begin To Show Some Of The Talent You Preached About Having On All Those Late Night Shows " The President Said. He Turned Around And Looked At His Chief Of Staff, Major General Alanna Eve. " General, I need An Estimated Time of How Long We Have Until Little Rock Falls ". Alanna Eve Was Tired But Still Very determined. About Average Size With a Nice Figure And Long Wavy Brown Hair, She Was Formerly Miss Tennessee And Had Placed 10Th In The National Contest For Miss America. But At The Moment, Her Home Town Of Franklin Tennessee Seemed Like A Dream From a Past That Could Never Be Recovered. She Had Served Most Of Her Military Career Fighting South Korean Bureacrats And Trying To, Well, As She Put It " Keeping Them Dam Squinty Eyed People Safe From The Other Squinty Eyed People ". She Looked Up At The President And Then Down At Her Table Screen ( a Table Screen Is Basically a Table Operating as a Tablet with its Surface Serving as An Advanced Touch Screen ) " Mr. President, General Mcmuller Is Doing His Absolute Best To Defend The Dam Town But In All Likelihood I Would Not Expect Him To Hold It Any Longer Then Thursday At Our Present State ". The Presidents Face Went Ash With Alarm. " Thursday??? We Have Until Thursday??? Why Did We Even Bother Increasing funding For National Guard Units if The Only Extra Time They Give Us Is Two Days!! Hell, It Takes That Long To Get My Wife Into The Mood Much Less Come Up With a Major Battle Plan ". President Eric Relm Was Usually a Logical, Calm, And Reasonably Charming Man But When He Blew His Top it Was Extremely Hard To Hide. Eric Had Been a Devoted Republican His Entire Life And His Father Before Him. Eric Relm Jr. Had Become The Youngest President In US History In February Of 2030 When He Was Sworn In AS President Of The United States. Relm Had a Simple History, Having Served One Term As a Representative From Virginia And Also Served Four Terms As Its Governor. He Had Drastically Improved The State's Economy And Living Conditions. However His Policies On Gay Marriage Were Extremely Controversial And His Fight For State's Rights Had Earned Him The Republican Nomination. Most Of His Cabinet members, Including Vice-President Houston, Had Fought Against Him In The Republican Primaries. General Eve Was Nervous And Rather Hesitant Before Speaking Further, Allowing The President To Rage On. " Sir, There Is Something Else You Need To be Informed About.....Its General Isaacs Sir...Well....He Lost Bismarck North Dakota ". The President Gathering His Wits, Stood. " It Matters Not...The Survival Of Our Nation Is At Stake. Gentlemen I No Longer have any choice...We Have Done Everything Humanly Possible To Defend Our Nation But It Is Clearly Not Enough. Eve, I Authorize You To Begin Operation Samson. Please Do Everything You Can ". National Security Advisor Andrews Jerked His Head up While The Vice-President Looked On With an Seemingly Perplexed Manner About Him. " My God " Andrews Whispered After The General left The Room " He's Bringing In Task Force Wolf "
RED STORM: Opinions welcomed: 11/13/2015 02:16:55

[WOLF] The Conservative
Level 56
shit I meant to post this in off topic
RED STORM: Opinions welcomed: 11/14/2015 12:56:11

Level 53
well you have failed
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