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Lots of death, but at what cost: 11/13/2015 23:50:20

Level 49
The sad news coming through about 60 people being killed by armed terrorists in France, how long until it hits London,Moscow,Berlin and Washington. We need to unite in the face of terror. Sad, sad times and it can only get worse by spreading to more big cities leading to more deaths. What can we do to stop this tragedy happening again.
Lots of death, but at what cost: 11/14/2015 00:00:55

Level 58
Exactly my point * the west only care about when it happens closer to home. This was never all over the news when the atrocities in Syria / Iraq / Yemen etc. happened, so why the west? This divide is becoming more and more detrimental to global society.
Lots of death, but at what cost: 11/14/2015 00:02:14

Luna {TJC}
Level 56
Lots of death, but at what cost: 11/14/2015 00:15:09

[ESP] Pablo García
Level 58
Completely agreed @OxTheArtist. Media only care about the big ones, but then ignore all attacks on "poor countries". Anyway, shame on the terrorists, hope they pay for it
Lots of death, but at what cost: 11/14/2015 00:17:11

Lolicon love 
Level 56
well what we can do is sit back and let the government do its thing.
Or you can run for government and do something about it.
Lots of death, but at what cost: 11/14/2015 00:59:58

Angry Panda
Level 33
I disagree about the fact of ignoring 'small' countries or people far away killed by terrorists, you just have to change of media dudes, stop watching CNN or BBC and try to look for informations elsewhere, preferably local media, like if something happens in India you should read Indian news etc, i guess you get my point. In France we have a newspaper known as 'Courrier International' where it gathers many news from the world, I guess you can find a similar English version media.
Ox, you told me about Lebanon earlier, actually i dont know for the UK but I know that during the 80s the Lebanon attacks and wars were well covered by French media certainly because our countries were quite tied, with a huge francophone community in Lebanon and French people of Lebanese origin also that were concerned.
Lots of death, but at what cost: 11/14/2015 01:05:31

[WOLF] The Conservative
Level 56
Sadly It will always be this way in Free Society Where its harder to track down threats but the west must unite as one In face of threats. I have long been in favor of Merging NATO And The EU To face Terrorists And The Russian Threat
Lots of death, but at what cost: 11/14/2015 09:30:41

Level 53
this is the cost of those attacks about tree fiddy
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