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Bandits: Mafia [End Game]: 11/14/2015 12:50:27

Luna {TJC}
Level 56
Winners: Mafia
Death: GodFather Investigation show you are “innocent”

The Onion: Witch Each night you may select a player. If a Town-sided player visits your target, your target dies.

The Talking Fan: RoleBlocker Each night you can void someone's role and stop it from completing

2nd Place: Town
SirSalty: Cop
Each night you may select another player. You will learn if that player wins with the Town (innocent) or not (guilty).

Blank: Jack of all Trades
Each night you can uses one of your four one use ability’s

Investigate (X1): You may select one player to investigate. Like the Town Cop’s investigation, you will be told if they are Innocent, Guilty, or No-Result.

Vigilante (X1): You may select one player to kill that night.

Commute (X1): You may leave the town during the night phase, making you immune to any and all actions against you.

Heal/Protect (X1): Select one player to protect during the night. They will be immune to any offensive abilities used against them (With one exception).

Eklipse {TJC} : Miller
You appear as if you were sided with the Mafia to investigative roles.

Diplomatic Immunity: Governor
You may stop two lynchings from taking place over the course of the game.

[Wolf]colonel H Caldwell: Watcher
Each night you may select a player. You will learn who visited them, but not what actions were performed.

buddyboyb1: Ambulance Dispatcher
Every night you can target two people each one will have a 50% chance of surviving an attempt on their life on that night phase. [success will be based on Rng] You may not target the same two people to protect as you did last night phase.

Zephyrum: Berlin Nun
If you are visited at night, you will be raped. For each person that visits you in a night, you will be raped repeatedly. During the following DP, voting against someone who raped you will cause an extra vote to be levied against them.

{W.U} Francisco corral: Bus Driver
Each night you may target two players. All actions targeting the first player will be redirected to the second, and vice versa

3rd Place: 3rd Party
MightySpeck: Absorber
If targeted with an ability at night, you will permanently gain the use of that ability on subsequent nights. You may only use one ability per night.

(MightySpeck Was the thief of the bandits gold to win he had to eliminate the bandits and ensure that the governor and the cop died.)

Well there it is the end of our little game. If I'm honest here it went a bit *Hush* shit. The Mafia was to overpowered.

When MightySpecks Mafia Game ends in a few week I’ll give Modding another go

Main Improvements Needed
Several lynching/Night killing/gloomy DP openers ect and possibly focus on a more coherent story line should have been written. However it will be easier to make it now I've got the framework for games saved on Google drive.

The other two main error I think might be too large games (Nine or ten provide best quality and good amount of people playing at once)

Feedback very much wanted Especially any improvements ect
Bandits: Mafia [End Game]: 11/14/2015 13:12:24

Level 36
Bandits: Mafia [End Game]: 11/14/2015 13:52:47

Level 59
I really love the fact so many people investigated me :3
Bandits: Mafia [End Game]: 11/14/2015 13:53:35

Diplomatic Immunity 
Level 54
Dammit I was right at the start XD
Bandits: Mafia [End Game]: 11/14/2015 13:57:14

Luna {TJC}
Level 56
I was quite surprised everyone was so interested in Death on the first NP. Also I was convinced the Onion would have been lynched by you.
Bandits: Mafia [End Game]: 11/14/2015 13:59:56

Level 59
Yeah well, it wasn't wrong... but since I was the Godfather, I asked them to investigate me, knowing they'd find out I'm "innocent". And yeah, I thought you'd lynch Onion as well, but as we killed Diplomatic Immunity, who was the smart guy there (:P) they were kind of undecided. I laughed at DP3. I laughed hard. Puny mortals.

Also, I like how Blank killed Speck.

Edited 11/14/2015 14:00:44
Bandits: Mafia [End Game]: 11/14/2015 14:46:37

Level 54
I had a feeling the Onion was a bandit, but I was pretty sure Talking Fan was
Bandits: Mafia [End Game]: 11/14/2015 14:57:37

Level 59
In DP1, everyone suspected me... but later, they did not at all. Was pretty funny.
Bandits: Mafia [End Game]: 11/14/2015 16:19:47

Level 59
Anyway, when is the next one?
Bandits: Mafia [End Game]: 11/14/2015 16:21:27

MightySpeck (a Koala) 
Level 57
umm. what was JaiBharat909's role?

wait was he replaced by Buddyboyb?

Edited 11/14/2015 16:24:36
Bandits: Mafia [End Game]: 11/14/2015 16:41:19

Level 55
He couldn't play as he was busy so he never got a role.
Bandits: Mafia [End Game]: 11/14/2015 19:55:29

Level 49
So I visited two god damn Mafia scum.
Bandits: Mafia [End Game]: 11/15/2015 00:20:41

The Onion
Level 38
Not really sure how i came under suspicion anyway, what did I do that was so suspicious?
For anyone who didn't notice the theme was Bastards (anyone who has been in all 3 games of mafia but has not been mafia themselves) so that means Death, Talking Fan and I were mafia, with MightySpeck as a 3rd Party.

He also puts Bastards in bold first DP thats how i worked out the theme
Bandits: Mafia [End Game]: 11/15/2015 00:33:51

The Onion
Level 38
Is it just me or was Francisco continually trying to get me killed? xD
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