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Looking for some clan info: 11/14/2015 21:14:35

Cid Highwind
Level 56
Hi all,

I'm sort of at the point where I need to start thinking about if I want to join a clan or not. I'm one of those people who sit and play Warlight (or at least stare at the computer screen that has Warlight on it) for hours at a time waiting on people to move (yes, I have lots of time to play each week). I'm from the US, but I check in multiple times a day on lunch hour and the early morning time my time (EST).

I'm fairly new to Warlight - started playing in February. Before Warlight, I had spent 15 years on and off playing large scale MMORPGs such as Everquest and Dark Ages of Camelot. I have been an officer in all the guilds I've been in (the clans in these games), specializing in raid leading and strategy for events such as relic raids in DAOC.

I really enjoy working as a team and discussing strategy on how best to conquer the other team; however, no one seems to be playing a lot of real time games of the type I like - large scale, team vs. team (preferably 3x3 or bigger, my favorites so far have been the 8x8 or 10x10 games I've played). I also like playing on a variety of 300+ territory maps, the bigger, the better, not just the same map over and over each night and prefer a respectful atmosphere (though I don't mind adult conversation), not one full of uptight jerks.

I hate playing by myself (i.e. 1x1 or FFA), and I also hate diplo games, as I'm here to play Risk and conquer the map, not roleplay. I don't mind multiday games, if all the people involved actually pay attention to the game and move at least once a day. I've yet to try a tournament, ladder or a league mostly because I'm not of level to join leagues or ladders yet and I haven't seen many team based tournaments.

So I guess my question is, are there any clans that specialize in, or at least could provide a more steady stream of "epic level" team based strategy games than what I can find on the Open Games forum? I realize that from the post about how much experience it takes to level up, I'm going to need to get a LOT more games in order to level up starting pretty soon, so I'm trying to find a way to find more games of the type I like.


(formerly Saintsaens in EQ or DAOC if anyone recognizes me)

Edited 11/14/2015 21:17:47
Looking for some clan info: 11/14/2015 21:46:47

Nico (TLN)
Level 40
Poonsquad, best team based clan out there 69/69
Looking for some clan info: 11/14/2015 22:07:32

MightySpeck (a Koala) 
Level 57
Not a lot of clans focused on big Team games, so The PoonSquad is probably your best choice, and while their leaders are pretty "crude" I imagine most of the members aren't.

By what you wrote i think you'll like it best their.
Looking for some clan info: 11/14/2015 22:08:43

Level 58
Don't listen to the above poster. Poonsquad is an ok clan strategically but vulgar and come with a bad reputation. I'd suggest literally clicking on every clan and reading their bios. Although you might want to work on your stats, if you're looking for a decent clan they will refer to your stats. esspecially your 1v1
Looking for some clan info: 11/14/2015 22:12:23

Level 58
The Poon Squad are your best bet. No other clan really specialise in large team games. LEA do a lot of 5v5, though.
Looking for some clan info: 11/14/2015 22:47:52

Level 56
I believe we would be a good choice. I have enquired about you!
Looking for some clan info: 11/14/2015 22:50:43

Nico (TLN)
Level 40
Poonsquad is best squad, join them.
Looking for some clan info: 11/14/2015 22:54:07

Level 59
Is basically a 5v5 league clan.

Also you likely 'hate' playing by yourself due to your low win rate. I strongely recomend checking out this guide :
This will help for all kind of WL games, hopefully making it even more fun for you.
Looking for some clan info: 11/14/2015 23:30:13

Level 56
He is now a 101st member :)
Looking for some clan info: 11/24/2015 20:44:04

[AOE] JaiBharat909
Level 56
AOE is recruiting again. We over a diplomacy based clan with room for members to become integral members of clan government. We have senate elections where ordinary citizens can join the ruling and legislating body of the clan.
Looking for some clan info: 11/24/2015 21:08:44

Level 56
Since Pauln joined 101st I have automatic rights to recruit as above ^^^

101st is a strategic competitive clan, We are very small but active we always look out for each other and we all seek to thrive communicate together.. If your looking for a good strategic clan to be solid this is the place we hold...

- In-Clan Tournaments
- Training
- Lynx tuition
- Development programme to get the best out of you!
- We always check up on our members each one is happy with what they're doing.
- Good social element, Clan chats :)
- More information on our clan ===>

We have the tools to make your a better developed player! We want to thrive well in competition this the clan for you, I will ensure on my word I will do my best to make sure your happy and your developing..

It really truly make sense to join 101st imo at this moment of time.

I would personally like to thank AOE Clan :)

If you are interested in joining mail me! Platinum here is my profile! I really appreciate you messaging and showing interest.. Please don't hesitate to ask me questions in any sort of way :)
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