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Not getting new ladder games: 11/19/2015 03:12:21

Master Jz 
Level 60
I finished a ladder game several hours ago and haven't had a new match-up. I looked though a few of the recently finished games, and nearly all of people on the ladder (going back several hours) were a game or more short.

Normally I get a new opponent within an hour or two. Is this a bug or are opponents being assigned less frequently now?

Edited 11/19/2015 03:13:24
Not getting new ladder games: 11/19/2015 03:37:39

j willy 47
Level 58
j willy 47 defeated Redhawk 9863908 11/17/2015 21:55:54

This was my last game. As one can see, I appear to be having the same problem as jz. Even if it is just that games are being assigned less frequently, it has been over a day. Please fix Fizzer!!
Not getting new ladder games: 11/19/2015 03:43:28

John Smith
Level 57
What ladder are you talking about?

If you are talking about the seasonal ladder, it is possible that you have made it to your 20 games and thus are not going to get any more until next season. Maybe count all your games and then come back and tell me how many there are...

John Smith
Not getting new ladder games: 11/19/2015 04:17:06

Level 57

WarLight Creator
There was a long power outage due to the recent storm in the NW US that caused the ladder server to go down for a while. It should be back up now. Sorry for the inconvenience.
Not getting new ladder games: 11/19/2015 04:33:59

Level 59
Aww, the storm only wanted to play.
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