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Ben Templates: 11/27/2015 20:53:53

Level 59
These templates were specifically designed to be different from the "golden standard" strategic templates. Two of these were entered into szeweningen's 1v1 template contest.

I am looking for specific feedback on some of these.

Btw - Yes, I copied Sze/Gui template naming style.

Benindia 1v1 -

The theory here is that it keeps the Normal Fog feel, but with a lot of wastelands, you have to predict where they are. This template has a bias towards smaller bonuses, with an income of 2 and starting armies of 7.

Feedback Wanted: Less Wastelands? Not changing 0%WR for sure.

Greece LLFD 1v1 -

This template has a lot of potential for counters. It was made to have a lot of variety in the picking phase, and I have found a few dominant picks, but it is really fluid in between games.


Light Turkey 2v2 -

If you want a quick game and a brawl, this is your template. Very comparable to Europe 3v3, with the sides and very center being dominant.

Feedback wanted: There are currently 20 available picks, 8 of which will be picked, on an 82 territory map. Should I change this to more wastelands -> Less available picks.

Bengea 1v1 -

This template has blockade cards more often, and the map has a lot of choke points, so games on this are expected to last a little bit more often. The income and starting territories is slightly standard, but there are slightly more wastelands.

Edited 11/28/2015 03:01:32
Ben Templates: 11/28/2015 02:51:21

Master Turtle 
Level 60
Light Turkey 2v2 I don't like Limited Full Distribution on. I also think that the starting territory picks should have at least 2 armies on them but 3 is preferable. I think 5 base income per turn is too high on such a map too.

Edit: You should list a few game link examples under each template. Feel free to list mine with you for the 2v2 Turkey

Edited 11/28/2015 02:52:18
Ben Templates: 11/28/2015 03:02:15

Level 59
^ Linked. I did that so it turns the bias slightly away from the smaller bonuses. About 1 starting armies, I may keep it, but I want to see what other people say first, because I think it is important to shift the bias away from the small bonuses on Turkey, which is why I'm keeping it now.

Edited 11/28/2015 03:05:43
Posts 1 - 3 of 3   

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