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Map Makers: Looking (desperately) for help...: 12/2/2015 09:30:44

Angry Koala
Level 57
Hello everybody,

As you may have noticed in another thread, I decided to continue making a map I started 1 year ago, I abandonned my project seeing the amount of work needed to complete and finish this map, during that period I wasnt that much focused yet about Warlight, and I just gave up, but kept a .svg copy of my work.

I decided after pressing demands from a group of players to restart my work.

But the thing is I am very unexperienced about designing maps, and furthermore the map I am currently making is meant to be huge (something like 3000x3000 and hundreds of territories if not thousand, for a first published map I know this is really not smart).

I would really need help from some of you dear Map Makers, someone who could advise me about how to improve the 'playability' of my map, I mean make it a fun map where an infinite possibility of scenarios would be implemented.
I also want to make it aesthetically great with some artworks (and I know some of you made incredible works there).

Last but not least, I am up for sharing my work (I think that would be possible through sharing file websites), if any of you want to participate actively and collaborate, I think that would definitely be a possibility.

For any questions feel free to ask me here.
Map Makers: Looking (desperately) for help...: 12/2/2015 20:19:30

Emperor_MMC {TJC}
Level 55
To Angry Koala

I to would like to see a map that would be huge to, I tried it once but I couldn't finish it because of life's tasks. If you are going to make a galaxy map then you have my support.

I have tried making one once back a couple of months ago, but I can't finished it because of life's problems and responsibilities. Tell you what I could give you my file and give it to you so you can see the results, but there is one thing, do you use adobe illustrator or photoshop to make your maps. Because I used adobe, well only for a short time when I was in community college. I don't own adobe I just used it in college, but I notice another program that can make warlight maps I forgot the name of it, but its actually my first time making one and I kind of gave up on it.

If you would like to look at mine then I could give you my email address.
Map Makers: Looking (desperately) for help...: 12/2/2015 20:29:06

Level 55
The programme he is thinking of may be Inkscape, I don't make maps but I read about it somewhere on the WL Wiki.
Map Makers: Looking (desperately) for help...: 12/2/2015 20:44:47

Level 60
If you post the link, I can look and give you tips. No interest in actually doing the work (I have my own maps to finish).
Map Makers: Looking (desperately) for help...: 12/2/2015 21:26:38

Emperor_MMC {TJC}
Level 55
yes that's the one Inkscape
Map Makers: Looking (desperately) for help...: 12/3/2015 03:23:59

Level 49
I can certainly offer some tips and tricks, (provided your using Inkscape) I recently finished my own map. Post a link to what you have and I'll have a look.
Map Makers: Looking (desperately) for help...: 12/3/2015 08:18:14

Angry Koala
Level 57
alright, and yes I am using Inkscape, as I actually restarted my map yesterday not much can be seen but I will post something tonight (european time).

Thanks again all for your support.
Map Makers: Looking (desperately) for help...: 12/6/2015 02:10:54

Level 59
I can't really give you any advice that neccesarily encourages you to make a map with such a big scale (since all of my advice spells out "don't do it/make it smaller/finishable)

But what I can tell you are some of the basics, which is:
1) Don't forget there is such thing as the division tool
2) Keep in mind there is a cap size for all maps (wouldn't hurt to simplify)
3) If you're making a galaxy map I strongly recommand you put a minimized space-related pic as a background behind your map (kind of like what I did with:
4) Don't be overly OCD about everything (unless you intend for it to be symmetrical or something); the imperfection of organization will always bear its own unique sense of abstract art
5) Avoid making dead ends
6) At all costs keep your map from becoming 1 dimensional (basically don't turn your map into a straight line lol)

But then again, you probably already knew all of this. Based on what you've described so far in your post, I can't really send relevant help because of it's vague-ness.
Posts 1 - 8 of 8   

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