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Small Earth maps: 12/2/2015 20:59:44

Level 58
I just noticed that there is a new Small Earth map which looks exactly the same as the old one but only with some better things in the background.

old map:
new map:

I can remember there being a discussion about maps being very simular to each other but those maps are exactly the same in the borders and shapes of the territories as well as the connections between all of these territories.
For as far i can remember from a old thread and a AMA from Fizzer himself later on he was fine with those specific maps in that thread being so simular since there were so different territory shapes used and some connections were added, cut and changed.

In the case of this map this is not the matter since it's an exact copy of the old map and only a background has been added to the map in general. How has this map passed the requirements which i just mentioned since i don't see any way how this map should have been made public.

I just want to note that i don't have anything against Lionheart who created this map but if you say at some point what is allowed and what isn't then stick with it and not change it just because a classic map has gotten a modern update to it.
Small Earth maps: 12/2/2015 21:46:00

Belgian Gentleman 
Level 56
Because Small Earth is based on the boardgame Risk map. Therefore it wasn't stolen because the property was freely to use. Same goes for Lionheart's improved small earth.

Edited 12/2/2015 21:49:46
Small Earth maps: 12/10/2015 23:22:47

Master Poof 
Level 41
They should call this map "Crimea avenged". XD
Small Earth maps: 12/10/2015 23:50:02

Level 58
Well, once I made a Texas map (with counties) and it wasn't accepted because there already was one. Or 2, even. (My bonuses were different too.)
Small Earth maps: 12/11/2015 19:44:13

Level 18
the only differences i see are the background and the difference in map number of 50005
Small Earth maps: 12/11/2015 20:09:39

Level 59
Wow, that map looks really nice! I might have to start using that instead of small earth, nice find! :)
Small Earth maps: 12/11/2015 20:23:17

Level 18
They should update the single player games that use small earth as well.

or maybe that will send the original small earth into the dismal fronds of the past, never to be seen again... so long... fare well... aufwiedersehen... goodbye.... etc...
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