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Idea for "random" event for RP games: 12/6/2015 00:15:28

Level 55
I am not sure If this thread should be in the map developement section instead, but I don't really feel that this is only affecting the developement of a map so I decided to post it in this forum.

EDIT: To make this clear: I do not ask for any new feature to be added / programmed. And I dont want to discuss things which would be nice features to have. I just want to talk about what is possible in the existing parameters of WL.

I usually like the possibility to make some random events in RP games.
This is a bit complicated to implement in WL games but it is possible I think.
In this thread I want to explain my ideas and discuss with you about your ideas. (I don't want to hear that you don't care for such effect in a game. I know that many of you will not care. So just read other stuff please.)

How could a random event look like?
At some point of the game there should be a situation which causes an effect which influences the balancing of the map. I think this can be very intresting and also helps to keep long running RP games alive.
Such effects could be:
- gamemaster uses sanction cards to cut of the income of all players/some regions
- gift territories of a special bonus (maybe a bonus which is only held back for this purpose)
- grant the right to use special cards (the normal usability of cards should be very limited I think (e.g. gift cards only))
- create blocades with the help of the players (a territory has to be gifted, gamemaster will blocade it then)
- create a raging lord/rebells with a gift to AI
- ...
We will need a gamemaster to join the game and take care of the effects (this alt account doesn't have to be the host (because of lvl requirements)).

How to determine the moment of the event?

I have 2 different possibilities in my mind.

1. Fight of AIs:
Let AIs fight over an area where the gamemaster is connected to (with big stacks).
Some AIs (with backup territories so that they cannot die completely) fight over a small area and the event occurs when one AI killed all of the others.
Maybe players can influence the fight with sanction cards if the settings allow this.
Problem is that it is vital that the AIs have some kind of backup land which will never be taken. If not this is just a one time event.
If the event took place and the world is ready for the next the gamemaster can conquer the territories and gift to the AIs, which can start to fight again.

2. Random attack order:
Let human players make an attack move with 2 units on the same territory (with 1 unit on it) in the same turn. This needs to have the move order set to random which is interesting for RP games I think. (But I prefer to know the attack order before the fighting.)
The effect is linked to the winner. Have to be predetermind (However this is done.).
This mode could create some problems if we have leavers or people who just refuse to use the two units for that.
You also have to find an area where all (or at least many) players are linked to, but this is easier than for the AI version.

How to determine which effect happens?
The most clear and easiest to understand way to add this effects would be to add some additional countries to a map. For example add countries with a special name like rebell lord, drought, ...
If you are playing the AI version. Each AI would have one of the countries as their save land. The AI which wins determines which effect takes place. Problem here is: where would (e.g.) the rebell lord spawn... Maybe we can find a solution for that.

Is someone else here intrested in such a game or do you think that it is to much effort for this feature?

Edited 12/6/2015 14:11:49
Idea for "random" event for RP games: 12/6/2015 08:08:04

Level 56
You have to learn to cut down your writings.
Most people don't bother reading something if it's too long.
Sorry, I didn't even read it.
Idea for "random" event for RP games: 12/6/2015 08:35:33

Level 56
Cacao is trolling you. Don't bother.

Interesting ideas. Ways to use Warlight randomness to simulate table-top dice for random events, etc. I like the general idea of a Game Master. Maybe there should be some maps specially designed with territories just for this purpose, and special distribution scenarios.

Edited 12/6/2015 08:37:44
Idea for "random" event for RP games: 12/6/2015 11:30:19

[NL] Sander
Level 59
probaly won't be added
Idea for "random" event for RP games: 12/6/2015 12:25:43

Level 58
I've had this rp idea for a while, and I think this is possible, but it would be a little strange.

Creating vassals

Currently, in a lot of diplos, you have the option to turn a country into your vassal if you beat them in a war. My idea is the ability to create vassals when you want to. Here's an example:

Imagine I play a diplomacy as France, in a Napoleonic diplomacy. I have just beaten Prussia and Austria in a war, and am contemplating the peace treaty. I decide, that to reduce their territory, I create a vassal, called "The Duchy of Warsaw", so I can create a vassal in a region that's not adjacent to me, and without having to directly administer the region.

How would I do this? From the beginning of the game, there is one "player" inside France that has 1 territory, that doesn't generate any income, and has no armies. The game would be relatively boring for them, until France decides s/he wants to create a vassal. They would do this, by Prussia gifting them a territory with armies, to take the designated land from them, and establish a vassal in the region.

Just an idea, and I've never tried it out, but I think it would be fun.
Idea for "random" event for RP games: 12/6/2015 13:34:39

Level 55
A feature that would help diplomacy games is dynamic teams which can be created, joined and left by players during the game. They could also have custom names.

There are also some features I think will be good

Occupations and Peace Treaties:

Countries would have two types of territories - cores and occupations. Cores are the territories that are part of the countries and occupations are territories attacked and taken by a player from another. Occupations do not generate income, but serve the purpose of reducing the other player's income. To get rid of occupations the players can make a peace treaty in which occupied bonuses can be taken. The treaty will have a maximum point cost with bonuses counting as the same amount of points as their value (A 3 bonus will be worth 3 score). Bonuses that have not been completely occupied cost twice as much to take and the maximum cost can be changed when making the game. When all of a player's territories are occupied then they will get a prompt when commiting when they must propose a treaty. The traty will also sort of act like a diplomacy card with the players not being able to attack eachother for a certain amount of turns.

Upgrading bonuses:

Instead of cards there will be a chance for a player to gain a token (Or it could be just a new card) which can be used to upgrade a bonus' value. The amount the token gives and the cap could be changed in the rules.

It's also odd that nobody has actually submitted a Uservoice for diplomacy features or gamemode.

Edited 12/6/2015 13:36:33
Idea for "random" event for RP games: 12/6/2015 14:05:15

[NL] Sander
Level 59
that probaly is because they most likely won't be implemented anyway (see the peace treaties at top of the list), why would you make a uservoice or spend your votes on something that won't be implemented anyway?
Idea for "random" event for RP games: 12/6/2015 14:09:43

Level 55
Thanks for your replies but maybe I was unclear about two points.

1. I did not ask for any new feature to be added / programmed.
For sure that there are many things which would be nice additions especially for diplo/rp games. But I think we have to live with the fact that nobody will ever programm this stuff.
My suggestion is inside of the existing WL features.

2. I did not want to discuss all ideas for RP rules which you thought of to try. (This sounds more angry than it is meant. Generally I am intrested in new ideas, but maybe lets talk about this idea first ;) )

@wct: To make a new map with some additional territories would be really great for this mod. Maybe I will learn to make maps for this. I think it is not needed to create a totally new map, because there are already many intresting maps around.

@Sander: I don't know if this was a troll/joke, but if not: It is not needed to add any new features for that (as mentioned above).

@Ox: Vassals are intresting. I sometimes try to make other players to my vassal if I don't want to kill them. But they don't obey me :(
Your idea could be intresting, but I think it is very boring for the "soon to-be" vassal. Maybe local deployment and an additional character played by the leader of the mother country could come close to what you want to achieve.

@Semicedevine: This earthquake could be realised by sanction cards (and maybe bomb cards).

@Omega: As already mentioned: I don't want to discuss new features which has to be programmed. But your ideas sound intresting.
Idea for "random" event for RP games: 12/6/2015 14:45:33

[ESP] Pablo García
Level 58

What if every powerful player is allowed to have an alt in their territory, so that they can gift him there if they wish to. In the end, vassals are always subject to the Master, so a different player who could only deploy there would be owning that land as the Master wished. It is not a perfect solution, but it would work a lot.
Idea for "random" event for RP games: 12/6/2015 15:15:12

Level 58
Very interesting, Pablo. The only downside, is that it's a challenge with keeping vassals in check, and it's fun when vassals rebel from the master. At least your idea makes sure that nobody gets a boring game out of it, and that the master can cooperate with the vassal as if they were a team.
Idea for "random" event for RP games: 12/6/2015 19:02:48

Level 56
I think it is not needed to create a totally new map, because there are already many intresting maps around.

True. I've seen similar effects achieved just by walling off a portion (or single territory) of a map with really high neutrals, like 1000 or more. There are plenty of medium/big/huge maps that could be adapted for this purpose with Custom Scenarios.

Looks like you need to get to level 47 ASAP to unlock Custom Scenarios! ;-)
Idea for "random" event for RP games: 12/6/2015 19:28:51

Level 55
Yes... looks like :)
Maybe I should play more ranked games then :D
Idea for "random" event for RP games: 12/6/2015 19:43:12

[NL] Sander
Level 59
@snife Your idea would be almost impossible, as you can't give one player more cards or something like that.
Idea for "random" event for RP games: 12/6/2015 20:01:23

Level 56
Interesting Game Master technique was used for this Chess map:
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