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Deserted Island Survival Game: 12/9/2015 23:18:28

Level 59

Here is the game: You will be dropped off on an uninhabited island somewhere in the world. You can carry one item with you to help you survive and stay sane. What do you bring?

-You must be able to carry it with you. So no airplanes or yachts. You can bring a canoe or inflatable raft if you want.
-Items come with accessories and loaded with their capacity of consumables, but nothing more. If you bring a radio, it is loaded with charged batteries. If you bring a rifle, it can have a scope and is loaded with a full magazine. If you bring a cooler, it's full of beer etc.
-You can assume the island will have fresh water, vegetation, and some animal life. Whether you can successfully live off these things is up to your skill and choice of item.
-You CANNOT assume your island will be somewhere a satellite phone will work. If you want to chance it and bring one as your item, good luck.
-You will be rescued in one year.

What do you bring? What is the outcome of your stay on the island? What did the guy above you bring that proves they're a complete moron and will certainly die?
Deserted Island Survival Game: 12/9/2015 23:22:20

Level 59
I'll post mine later, but here is Ted to get us started.

Ted brings a bic lighter. He is able to make a fire and cook some crabs that he catches over it, and he makes camp near a small spring. Ted can't think of a way to boil his water, so he catches a disease, shits for a week straight, and dies of dehydration 4 months into his adventure.

Deserted Island Survival Game: 12/10/2015 00:08:57

Level 56
A complete Deserted Island Survival Kit (tm). Since it's complete, as per the rules, I use it to survive for a year, get rescued, and return to the Warlight forum to tell my tale. Well, there it is. The guy before me, Ted, was a complete moron. He should have brought a complete Deserted Island Survival Kit (tm) (hint: it comes with a Bic lighter as an 'accessory').

Edited 12/10/2015 00:13:46
Posts 1 - 3 of 3   

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