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How do you change your name.: 12/12/2015 00:51:32

Level 58
I have been wondering this for a while and after a good bit of tinkering I finally gave up on figuring it out on my own and gracefully found myself here. Hopefully someone can help me quick and everyone can move on without a hitch.
How do you change your name.: 12/12/2015 00:55:03

Level 58
Alright, step by step here :)

-> Click on the "Settings" tab, next to "Community" and "Help"
-> You'll see a "Change Player Name" button, under "View Public Profile" and "Change Password"
-> Click that button
-> You can now enter your new name. Press "Submit" to get your new name.

How do you change your name.: 12/12/2015 01:52:11

[WOLF] Navigator 
Level 57
Just be careful because you have a limited number of name changes (but I think it tells you that)
How do you change your name.: 12/12/2015 01:53:01

Catus Cauda
Level 52
Every 7 levels, I think.
How do you change your name.: 12/12/2015 01:53:21

Level 58
Thank you.
How do you change your name.: 12/12/2015 02:34:44

Level 56
i went to the tab to change my name and here what is says:
Change Player Name
Here you can change the name that everyone knows you as within WarLight. All name changes are immediate, however some players may still see your old name until they refresh their browsers. Your old names are visible on your profile so your friends can keep track of who you are.

Please note that you can only change your name once every 5 levels, so please double-check your new name before submitting it! If you want to change your name more often than every 5 levels, you can purchase additional name changes for $3.99 USD. Purchases also come with one week of ad-free play!
Posts 1 - 6 of 6   

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