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How do I get "Abandon Cards?": 3/19/2011 23:01:21

Level 5
I'm playing the second challenge on single player, and I keep reading about people doing "Abandons." I never get these cards. How do I perform this maneuver? I'm getting absolutely CRUSHED on the second challenge even though I can cruise through everything prior. Please help!
How do I get "Abandon Cards?": 3/19/2011 23:49:17

Level 3
There are no abandon cards available on challenge 2 ("Crazy"). I believe the Insane challenge was formerly called "Challenge 2." You're probably reading the old thread about that challenge, which is understandably confusing you. You're not the only one this has happened to.
How do I get "Abandon Cards?": 3/20/2011 00:31:50

Level 5
Mega thanks! I feel a lot better. Still have no idea how to withstand the onslaught of two AI teams going at me. :(
How do I get "Abandon Cards?": 3/20/2011 01:42:26

Level 36
I hate to go into detail, but there are other forum posts on this issue that explain some strategies.

The key ones are:

Starting spot (make sure you have asia or africa in a quick bonus to start then expand)

Balance your attacks against teams -- if you focus on one team, the other will overrun you.

Always be expanding. If you're squatting and defending a lot, start over.

The AI is dumb and will try and attack all spaces...not just the crucial ones (so put some armies around the territory they are in to contain them).

The AI will ALWAYS go for a neutral if it's there. So expect that attack and either take the original territory late in your turn, or take the neutral quick with a strong force. When there is a neutral laying around you can usually take out both areas against the AI and you can then expand faster.

Try not to lose bonuses yourself, once you have one, defend it appropriately.

Thats all i have off the top of my head. If you need more help, either scroll through the forums and find the thread on it. Or you can click on my profile, add me to your invite list and invite me to a game. I can go into more in depth things from there.
How do I get "Abandon Cards?": 3/20/2011 20:54:06

Level 5
Awesome advice, thanks! I'll be sure and add you. *crossing fingers and gritting teeth*
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