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Armies of the World RPG: 12/16/2015 03:25:10

Level 54
A lone radio transmission has found its way to every surviving nation on the Earth.

"Hello? Is anybody there? ----Commander Teatherwood of the United Nations Joint-Ops Teams. I'm making this transmission to the entire world. -----massive interference! Clearly the damage is greater----- our tech guys are telling us the signal is barely patching out clearly for everybody on the outside. Whoever's out there, follow these coordinates ------- hopefully you'll be safe. And know this: in these darkest hours, your governments will lie to you, and corrupt you! There is no escaping the impending doom, so beware! Live every hour as if it were your last!"

The transmission cuts there.

Attached to the transmission are notices that communications across the globe have been jammed for 1 week to prevent governments from interfering with civilian migration to the safe zones. However, a severe consequence of the jamming is that the governments cannot communicate with each other, and trade is severely restricted. Thus, shit is hitting the fan pretty hard. Only the strongest nations will make it past the harrows of isolation.

(do not post in this thread for 1 week unless otherwise told through private messages)
Armies of the World RPG: 12/16/2015 17:52:06

Level 54
A new broadcast!

"This is an emergency notice to all nations! Belay that last message! The ISS has picked up massive troop movements across the globe. Ready your armies, this week is gonna hit you hard. "
Posts 1 - 2 of 2   

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