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How to fix a broken SVG file?: 12/21/2015 17:43:03

Level 39
When I try to upload an svg file, Warlight tells me this:

"There appears to be an issue with this svg file. The svg contains measurements that are in a format other than pixels (such as points, inches, centimeters, percents, etc.) WarLight only supports pixel measurements. Please configure your application to output the svg in pixels, and ensure that percentages aren't used anywhere".

1) How can I find the objects with the wrong measurement type? Are there ways to set a global measurement type for all objects in the file?

2) Can the game be wrong? Can it be that something else is causing the problems?

Edited 12/21/2015 19:07:54
How to fix a broken SVG file?: 12/21/2015 18:18:27

Level 30
File -> document properties -> default units = px

Someone else asked this very recently- it is still on the front page.
How to fix a broken SVG file?: 12/21/2015 18:29:27

Level 39
Thank you very much, Mr.Oobling! I am sorry I have started another thread though :(

P.S. Now I have found that topic -

Edited 12/21/2015 18:30:14
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