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Final Fantasy 7 Remake: 12/23/2015 05:45:36

Alexander the Great
Level 57
Final Fantasy 7 Remake

I have been making a Final Fantasy VII themed map. I've reach the point, where I am ready to receive alpha feedback from the broader Warlight community. This will be a lot of text, because this is a large strategically intensive map.

The map itself is centered around the Midgar train system schematic in the center of the map. Trains are used as portals that connect to one of the eight sectors of Midgar. Each sector contains an iconic character from final fantasy. Instead of the numbers, I used the name of the character each sector contains to make traveling more intuitive. The center of Midgar is the location of the Shinra HQ from the game. A portal connects to the floors of Shinra HQ in sequence from left to right. The science floor contains the scientist Professor Hojo from the game. President Shinra is located in President Shinra's office on the top floor. The small circles all over the map represents the green glowing life stream that connects all living entities in the game. Conceptually it could be viewed as the non-express train system or the world map of Midgar if it makes it easier to understand. The Highwind will connect to all the portals.

Stuff I still need to do.
-Collect more feedback
-Spot all the graphical connection errors.
-Fix all the graphical connection errors.
-Decide the bonus/income/territory ratios and distribution
-Name all territories
-Name bonuses and enable them
-Connect everything
-Beta test map with testers


1. Are there any noticeable things about the map that would prevent it from being approved besides the stuff in my to do list?

2. Do you think there is a specific territory or territories that I should check for the two digit army rule?
(I believe I have checked all 3200, but I may have missed one. I see one that I have to resize as I was writing this.)

3. I want the portals to be as intuitive and straightforward as possible as to where they should connect. What is the best way to accomplish this? (Would portal bonuses be enough or perhaps color coded portal rings?)

4. What is the ideal ratio of regular bonuses, mega bonuses, and giga bonuses?

5. What is the ideal ratio of territories to bonuses?

6. What formula spread would make for the most interesting game?

Amount of territories in bonus//percentage of all bonuses//percentage for # of territories//bonus income


This means one territory bonuses such as Alexandria in the Rise of Rome will comprise ten percent of all bonuses and yield 1 income 3/4 of the time. 1/4 of the time they will yield 2 income. If I have one thousand bonuses, 75 one territory bonuses would yield one income and twenty-five would yield 2 income.


7. Are there any graphical connections that you can see that need to be connected?
(I know I need to fix four of them.)

8. Where should I enhance the graphics till I reach the 2.0 megabyte threshold? (Sharper text, more defined characters, interesting bonus shapes, etc)

9. What could I do to improve this map?

10. I need testers. Who wants to help me test the map?


And finally the map preview itself:
Final Fantasy 7 Remake: 12/23/2015 06:13:21

Level 60
i will test the map!

aaand then i clicked the link. theres WAY too much going on. That looks overwhelming and honestly, not fun. id get rid of ALL the dots.

Edited 12/23/2015 06:15:07
Final Fantasy 7 Remake: 12/24/2015 04:52:39

Level 58
Its kind of hard to see. Sorry Alexander, I agree with Bane for once. If it was just the characters I think it would look very nice.
Final Fantasy 7 Remake: 12/24/2015 05:08:34

Alexander the Great
Level 57
Is it the background that makes it hard to see and/or the color/transparency of the lines?
Final Fantasy 7 Remake: 12/24/2015 05:14:00

Level 60
its the hurricane of unnecessary dots
Final Fantasy 7 Remake: 12/24/2015 05:19:11

Alexander the Great
Level 57
If the dots were replaced with roads (rectangles touching each other), would it be easier to see?
Final Fantasy 7 Remake: 12/24/2015 05:24:07

Level 60
what nick and i are trying to say is to get rid of them entirely, not replace them with different shapes. a map of midgar and the character portraits is more than enough. this is overkill, and not in a good way

Edited 12/24/2015 05:24:15
Final Fantasy 7 Remake: 12/24/2015 05:40:10

Alexander the Great
Level 57
I am open to making a medium map of this with that design modification. Large can be 3200, and medium (without dots) would be about 1800. Those are significantly different designs to warrant two different map publishings.

I am open to feedback regarding both large and medium designs now.
Final Fantasy 7 Remake: 12/24/2015 06:09:34

j willy 47
Level 58
I have to agree with Nic and Bane on this one. The sheer number of dots is comparable to the number of games played on Warlight-

Other than that it seems like a pretty cool map.
Final Fantasy 7 Remake: 12/24/2015 06:22:33

Alexander the Great
Level 57
Exaggeration level is

Any non dot related answers to the ten questions?
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