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What if?: 9/29/2013 03:37:00

Level 59
What would happen if Apex or [WM] does not get a official clan page and are kept out of clan events because of it? I feel like that would make it seem as if the clan events have very little real meaning to them, since Apex and [WM] have placed first and second in every clan league up to this point. I would assume Dazed or Anonymous would buy [WM] one, but what if neither does? What if no one in apex steps up to buy a clan page for their clan? If either of those clans is left out of the clan events, the events would be much less popular and looked at as accurate in my opinion. Another major clan that still does not have one is {Warlighters}. They are not as bigger deal as Apex or [WM] not having one, but they still are well known and it would be a shame if they did not buy a clan page. I don't even know why I'm making this really, I guess just to put down my thoughts, I really hope all 3 of these clans get one and help support Fizzer while receiving benefits in return. My guess is all will buy clan pages within the next month or so, or at least when Fizzer implements offical clan events. But what if they don't?

Hope this gets you thinking, there's a lot of what ifs out there, this one just came to my mind and I wanted to put it down and see what you guys think :)
What if?: 9/29/2013 03:51:36

{rp} Clavicus Vile 
Level 55
The only people that will miss out are WM and Apex (and whoever else doesn't buy one). The events wont be any less fun for those in them, just because a few players (even if they are the best) arn't involved.
What if?: 9/29/2013 04:00:14

Level 58
there are still unofficial clan competitions like your clan league for wm, warlighters and apex.
What if?: 9/29/2013 04:13:44

Level 59
Good thought Discord, I must agree with you; it won't affect how fun it is (except perhaps for a few clans like [WG] and [GG] who like to compete for the top clan spot and that is part of the fun), but it really won't affect most of the clans. And plus when you combine Pulsey's thought in there, it makes it not a big deal at all, just a small thing. Still, I hope these clans do buy clan memberships, if only to support Fizzer. I had no idea he spent 60 something hours to make clans official, I am very happy to see the update and want to give a big thanks to Fizzer!
What if?: 9/29/2013 11:36:45

Level 56
if fizzer creates some interesting clan events i believe they will end up by buying it, but they probably are quite scepticval at this moment
What if?: 9/29/2013 13:36:37

Level 40
Does the leader have to buy it? If not, you can buy it. Then sell back to them for double!
What if?: 9/29/2013 15:42:42

Level 51
no leader doesnt have to buy, anyone in the clan can buy for 15 dollars, invite all the clan members, make the actual leader the manager, and demote themself to normal member status
What if?: 9/29/2013 19:05:16

Level 49
Lolowut registering [WM] in 3... 2... 1...
What if?: 9/30/2013 09:54:40

Level 60
or you may just create it without even being there... but then they will just change the name of the clan
What if?: 9/30/2013 16:19:26

Level 60
Exactly. There is nothing to stop any person from registering [WM]. They could be a complete troll. Or someone that wants to be in [WM] to use as a bargain chip (not sure that would really work). I hope nobody screws another clan that way, but it is possible.
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