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Warlight Thread Archive: 1/4/2016 00:10:27

Level 54
Okay so here's the idea:
We are going to document on this thread every single warlight thread in existence. We'll categorize based on date, from earliest to the latest.

Goal : To offer a massive archive of every thread. The big idea is so we do not lose our history and instead we retain all knowledge.

Secondary : After we categorize all the links based on date, we'll have to offer alphabetical as well. It would also be worthwhile to categorize in any number of ways.
Warlight Thread Archive: 1/4/2016 00:54:44

Level 59
Please do it!

Edited 1/4/2016 00:54:51
Warlight Thread Archive: 1/4/2016 01:11:45

Luna {TJC}
Level 56
So how's the original goal categorised?

Also shouldn't you have Quad+ posted so you can have All the info in one after another post.
Warlight Thread Archive: 1/4/2016 03:26:15

Level 54
Yeah i might just edit some of this stuff. This thread will not be categorized.

It would be useful to have some coders, but i don't think there's so many threads that i couldn't just sort it out myself.

But, 10k plus? I'd need some programmers to sort it into more detailed categories.
Warlight Thread Archive: 1/4/2016 07:07:48

Lord of Turnips
Level 59
Part-1: The first posts: A General Apathy towards starting threads

First ever thread:

Second thread, on strategy (first ever documented strategy):

First mention of Pandemonium and wishing for records:

A surviving remnant of the dark days before map reviews were possible:

First trolling:

First tactical booting and only tactical booting supported by Fizzer:

First ever tournament ends and the winner has one of the longest invite lines I have seen:
Warlight Thread Archive: 1/4/2016 07:15:52

Level 56
But, 10k plus?

Don't want to burst your bubble, but it's 130k+. [Oops! Must be tired or something. It's only 13k+. Doh!]

Edited 1/4/2016 09:01:44
Warlight Thread Archive: 1/4/2016 07:31:01

Major General Smedley Butler
Level 51
Good lawd.
Warlight Thread Archive: 1/4/2016 07:37:55

Fan the Apostle
Level 56

New descriptions :

Genghis : made an archive thread.
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