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Uservoice - Reports Update!!: 1/6/2016 05:16:33

Level 59
So I'm sure everyone has filed a report on someone for breaking WarLights official rules.. Right? And when we report it usually means people blacklist the player.. But how do we know this player really got punished?

My idea is that the player who sends in a report should get a "status update" or notifications on where his/her report is bring reviewed. IMO, There is a problem of not knowing if the person you reported gets punished or not as it makes your self ask if Warlight cares about your report..

Notifications if your report can be easily made via e-mail or mail on the main site

This would be very informative feature which can inform the person who sent in a report it's status.

Please vote for this idea here:

Edited 1/6/2016 05:18:38
Posts 1 - 1 of 1   

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