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Visual bonus guide to symmetrical maps!: 1/15/2016 11:51:53

Level 57
A picture explains this ten-times faster and easier than I could put that into words: Look Neocubes map and top-left corner. All his Territory-areas are symmetrical and follows the same bonus idea. How to create such clickable Bonus guide on map? Could someone link to information or explain fast?

- I know how to make the Bonus Link that shows all same Bonuses! But how do you make Territory explanation and Clickable?

# Update!

Seems my browser or eyes tricked me! Went over 3-times to see than no connections were present and yet here I eat my words. Joke on me!

Edited 1/15/2016 19:34:58
Visual bonus guide to symmetrical maps!: 1/15/2016 15:00:06

Level 48
If you mean the top-right corner, then it is not only a clickable bonus-guide - it is playable territory. It is connected to the main part of the map. So there is no special way to make clickable bonus-guides. I hope I answered your question.
Posts 1 - 2 of 2   

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