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Problems with my publishing my map: 1/22/2016 07:11:19

Level 53
Bonus links must be placed next to or on top of the bonus they correspond to when possible.

All territory connections must be visible on the map. Any time you have objects that connect over long distances, or territories that are split into multiple objects, it must be visually apparent.


Map link

Look at the cities on the bottom, and then look at the entrances. The entrances are the same territory, top and bottom.
Suggestions on how to get this fixed?

It is important to note that those hexagons are NOT zoomed out cities, but rather entrances to underground.
Problems with my publishing my map: 1/22/2016 08:35:57

Level 57
You could try to make them visually different from the rest of them territories - for instance they could have some kind of coulor contour. And then each pair of gates should share the same colour. Then you could add additional legend written on the side of the map which would implicitly show how entrances look like/works.

Also check the well know map Ursa: Loona to see how similar issue was solved there (teleporters T1 T2 T3). The names of territories indicates where they are heading (T1 > T3) - this could also be helpfull.

Edited 1/22/2016 10:42:58
Problems with my publishing my map: 1/22/2016 09:03:55

Level 53
thats a great idea, I will try that.
Problems with my publishing my map: 1/22/2016 13:53:00

Le Count H 
Level 57
If you need someone to test it, invite me
Posts 1 - 4 of 4   

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