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The Martian Rants: Avatar 2.: 1/23/2016 02:40:54

Darth Darth Binks
Level 56
Why? How? What.

Yes, ladies, gentlemen, and others. They are making an Avatar 2. I'm not talking about that god-awful Last Airbender live action, I'm talking about the blue equivalent of Native Americans living on a moon light years away from Earth, that allowed the artificial production of their kind by humans, so humans could plug themselves into the internet and enter into these artificial bodies, for what purpose I must have missed.

In the first movie, it pretty much boiled down to the humans wanting resources, but the resources were under a sacred tree and the natives wouldn't allow the tree to be hurt (totally not similar to the tree in "Brisingr" that Eragon set on fire to get what was underneath, only to get death stares from the elves and a kind of soiled reputation), so they rose against the humans using Halo 3/4 weaponry and vehicles, along with a physically disabled human who isn't physically disabled because he's plugged into the internets and is actually a blue man. The humans got beat.

So, how are they going to make another movie with that sort of ending? Oh oh, I know. Earth is going to send more humans this time, and they'll be using Halo 5 technology. Maybe, they'll even be Russian! Yay! Seriously, I don't see a way they can make an Avatar 2 that can stand to the first film.

Avatar is the highest grossing film of all time. The o̶n̶l̶y̶ main reason being that it has such great CGI and it was 3D. But all movies in its genre has these standards, now. How is it going to set itself apart from the rest of the movies, aside from it being the sequel to Avatar?

I'm convinced that this is will just be a money-making film, for the sole purpose of making money. I don't want to see another Avatar. For all the ways the movie doesn't make sense to me, I liked the plot and the way it ended. Don't fix something that's not broken; you'll only destroy it.

Stay edgy and have a nice time f*ck this shit I'm out.
The Martian Rants: Avatar 2.: 1/23/2016 02:45:55

Level 49
I didn't even like those full grown smurfs fighting Titianfall mecha Hitlers to start with.
The Martian Rants: Avatar 2.: 1/23/2016 02:55:22

Gen. NumbNuts
Level 48
Well, let's try a different prospective. Imagine if Europeans decided to colonize North America. They, traveling to a new undiscovered region, would be establishing colonies or settlements. The purpose of these colonies would be to expand and claim the resources for the sake of their previous home. There would no doubt native inhabitants that would defend that which was truly theirs. But should they successed in defending their lands and the colonists were serious enough, they would no doubt return again, better prepared.

It's literally the history of America in space.

Now, I for one found the movie interesting. It gave you character development. It gave you a better plot than most movies in its genre. I thought it did a good job setting up the main character to the story (although I found the twin part a little iffy).

The story was actually developed over 10 years ago but they waited for technology to progress some so they could make a visually appealing movie. Which they did.

Maybe I'm a little biased? Perhaps. But Avatar wasn't that bad as compared to some of the other stuff we get handed.

Martian, my dear friend. I like your rants but I don't like this one. You can suck on my teeny N.Korean balls then you can eat my shorts. Have a nice time in Hell!
The Martian Rants: Avatar 2.: 1/23/2016 02:59:41

[AOE] JaiBharat909
Level 56
Let's all be thankful that Avatar was not as bad as the other Avatar:

The Martian Rants: Avatar 2.: 1/23/2016 03:02:23

Gen. NumbNuts
Level 48
Also playing in 2d? Who advertises a movie like that? I should hope it's in 2d....
The Martian Rants: Avatar 2.: 1/23/2016 08:03:30

Level 60
Should I feel bad for actually enjoying Avatar 1 and being rather hyped-ish for the second?

It has some potential. Sure, I will get disappointed like everytime I watch a sequel (except Shrek, Shrek did it good), but it can't go that bad... As long as it's not Night Shyamalan directing it, it is a viable mobie.

Speaking of Shyamalan... Let's just pretend the live action of TLA never happened, right? We all know it's just Shyamalan's evil plot to ruin the reputation of the Avatar. After all, Shyamalan is very clearly the real identity of Amon from The Legend of Korra, eh?

(hoping someone gets the reference... wanna share some bat credit card jokes with 'em)
The Martian Rants: Avatar 2.: 1/23/2016 11:26:06

Lolicon love 
Level 56
You have been shymalised. All emotions will be removed even from the best actors.
The Martian Rants: Avatar 2.: 1/23/2016 19:41:29

Von Jewburg
Level 35
They could pull a war of the worlds.
The Martian Rants: Avatar 2.: 1/23/2016 20:11:03

Level 59
I don't hate Avatar, but I don't think it needs a sequel.
The Martian Rants: Avatar 2.: 1/24/2016 11:25:42

Lolicon love 
Level 56
Just one thing tho.
When the original came out they had said it would be made into a trilogy.
So I knew it was coming soon.
The Martian Rants: Avatar 2.: 1/24/2016 12:19:26

Level 56
I read somewhere a while ago about the cultural insignificance Avatar had. It was the highest grossing film of all time and yet it left little footprint on pop culture. The human race watched Avatar and then immediately forgot about it.

Edited 1/24/2016 12:19:37
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