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IPL is now an inter-clan event!: 1/24/2016 19:11:18

Level 51
The Infinity Premier League now supports a strategic aggregate clan ranking!

It's based on the top 5 ranked 1v1 teams, top 3 ranked 2v2 teams, and top 2 ranked 3v3 teams associated with your clan (by having at least one member from your clan- so you're not penalized for inter-clan teams) with the three categories re-scaled to have equal weight.

As you can see by going to, this rating system is live with the MASTER Clan currently narrowly edging out The Icelandic Turtles for the top spot.

So basically, we have a perpetual, frequently (1x or 2x a day) updated ladder that now has aggregate and league-wide ratings for both players and clans across 65 strategic templates (30 1v1, 19 2v2, 16 3v3) and counting. Each team just has to complete 5 games in order to get ranked- and the clan/level/name data is always up to date- live queries are made every time the data is observed.

If you're interested in repping your clan in IPL, just head over to the IPL thread:

The whole league data is open on the sheet:

Hope to see more clans involved on top of the current 22 participants- and hope to see more players for each clan so we can fully leverage this ranking. :D
IPL is now an inter-clan event!: 1/24/2016 19:26:07

The Glorious Koala
Level 59
IPL is now an inter-clan event!: 1/25/2016 00:16:54

Level 58
To elaborate a bit:

- The only parts of IPL that aren't automated are game creation and deletion (and these can be automated trivially, but I'm refraining from doing so because of Fizzer's API restrictions).

- IPL can support every clan within one league without the need for any round robins; by using Elo ratings, we are able to compare players that haven't played against one another

- IPL is continuous, rather than start/stop; if your clan's skill level changes drastically, IPL will know and you won't have to wait another few months to prove yourself or find the appropriate pool for your clan

- IPL places zero organizational burden on clans/clan leaders- they can have as many (or as few) players as they'd like. You can have literally all of your clan competing in IPL- including the players whose strategic skill you're not sure about- without damaging your clan rating/ranking. There is no need for selecting players.

This is simpler, more efficient, and more up to date than any inter-clan competition I know of. I really hope to see clans and clan leaders participate.

Edited 1/25/2016 00:17:50
IPL is now an inter-clan event!: 1/25/2016 00:30:19

Beren • apex 
Level 63
Does it automatically recognize if a player has changed clans?
IPL is now an inter-clan event!: 1/25/2016 00:33:18

Level 58
Yes. That part is completely automated.

If the MASTER Clan were able to get Buns157 to join them, there'd be zero delay between Buns joining the clan and the MASTER Clan significantly increasing their lead over everyone else.
IPL is now an inter-clan event!: 1/25/2016 14:17:54

master of desaster 
Level 65
We don't want buns
IPL is now an inter-clan event!: 1/25/2016 14:35:58

Level 56
Way to make buns feel wanted mod.
IPL is now an inter-clan event!: 1/25/2016 18:17:56

Level 51
Fine- a better example. ARand0mPlayer just switched from [NL] Dutch Forever to ILLUMINATI. The sheets noticed it well before I did.
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