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Noam Chomsky's interview on american politics: 1/27/2016 22:15:30

Level 56
Pretty much on spot on everything exept on ISIS i think. Not that the american invasion of Irak didn't play a role in making ISIS, but pining ISIS on america and "racism" against muslims in europe is bullshit. A lot of the people from europe supporting ISIS actually had jobs and decent lives, saying they turned to ISIS because they were oppressed in Europe, or because of the history of colonization that Europe has,this is complete bullshit in my opinion. I do share his views that reckless drone stikes and bombing of civilians makes things worse, but i think that it is delusional to think that it is the root cause. Damn i tried to stay neutral in this New Atheist vs Regressive Left fight, but now i understand the frustration coming from Harris and Maher. I was going to write a positive review when i started this post, but then i reread the whole thing and i got pissed...
Noam Chomsky's interview on american politics: 1/27/2016 23:07:05

[AOE] JaiBharat909
Level 56
Noam Chomsky: There are plenty of ways to combat ISIS seriously, but not by Ted Cruz’s carpet bombing.

Weird he goes after the 1 republican candidate who could be considered neo-noninterventionist. He's the least hawkish Republican candidate after Rand Paul. Interesting he doesn't mention that a no-fly zone proposed by Hillary and the GOP would be equally catastrophic in terms of bringing the US into greater military intervention in the Middle East. Seems partially biased.
Noam Chomsky's interview on american politics: 1/27/2016 23:12:17

Level 54
We're going to carpet bomb.

No no no we're carpet bombing military installations.
Noam Chomsky's interview on american politics: 1/27/2016 23:25:15

Darth Darth Binks
Level 56
There'd be no one to kill if there were no one to kill.

Edited 1/27/2016 23:25:48
Noam Chomsky's interview on american politics: 1/28/2016 05:15:30

Level 57
Carpet bombing is a violation of a UN treaty that I believe the US has signed(Someone check this, I may be wrong, and If I am oh well). It is also considered a human right's violation, and as such Ted Cruz may be tried by UN court or the US may face sanctions from the UN(You read that right).
Posts 1 - 5 of 5   

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