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Warlight chess events: 2/3/2016 15:02:34

Level 60

Long time ago there was an initiative to make a warlight chess tournament. Back in the day we tried multiday format on with decent results. Nowadays I'm playing almost exclusively on where anyone can create custom tournaments in rt and different formats. In any case I'd like to know if there are people who'd maybe want to participate in some sort of warlight chess events. If there are 10+ people we could agree on a date and just play rt. Anyone interested?
Warlight chess events: 2/3/2016 15:47:56

Level 59
I may be able to depending on the time. Ask TBest, Sultan, Ryrio.
Warlight chess events: 2/3/2016 16:32:34

Level 62
I'll give it a try. Created account recently.

Edit: account link:

Edited 2/4/2016 15:38:45
Warlight chess events: 2/3/2016 19:26:04

Level 60
Finding time to play RT might be hard for me, although it is the best way to play it. I had the app on my phone and played MD with friends and honestly hated the MD part of it. I usually have 5-6 moves planned out and when you play MD, I just forget everything I had planned the next day.

At any rate, how can I add you guys in case I have time for a RT one (yesterday I did, when bnet was hosed and my usual RT outlet was taken away)?
Warlight chess events: 2/3/2016 21:15:58

Level 60
@Chris, Honestly, their app is really bad. Like to join tournaments you have to use safari (ios). Sounds familiar xD Point is, you do not want to play from the app. On a pc you can follow players, thus see when they are online.

@sze, maybe set up a WL chess skype group?


Sultan (not very active through, maybe he would show up for this?)


Edited 2/3/2016 21:23:52
Warlight chess events: 2/3/2016 22:12:37

Level 60
I am here:

Yeah, for now I'm just scouting if there is any interest. When we get enough people we can set up skype or warlight chat group and decide what time would be best. Blitz tournaments wouldn't take long, probably 1 hour if we go warzone style. If we go round robin or double round robin we'd have to probably decide on shorter time control beforehand. I haven't used their app so I'm not sure how good it is, but for pc they have the best interface for sure.
Posts 1 - 6 of 6   

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