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New cyclic event: "A Question to Fizzer": 2/4/2016 00:27:33

Level 57
We have map of the week on Mondays, how about we extend such weekly events by adding new onr on Tuesdays: "A Question to Fizzer"

My proposition is as follows:

Each Wednesday 6 randomly choosen players (4 members and 2 non-members; player inactive for more than 24h should not be considered by system) are given a system message to write down their proposition for a question to Fizzer.

They have 24h to commit. If they don't, then their just loose their opportunity (so there is a rare chance that no question is asked when all 6 players don't manage to submit it)

On Friday all questions (after previous authorisation from mods to omit stupid or obscesive questions) are submitted in the form of poll similar to one used to choose map of the week, so that whole community can vote which one should be answered

On Tuesday voting ends and one question is officially choosen (asked). FIzzer should try to answer it within 24h so that the next tier of question could be based on his answer


Eventually this could be resolved on periods longer than week (every 2 weeks or monthly?). That way choosen players could have been given more to submit their questions question and also the number of questions could be increased to 7-9? (One "seat" could be then granted for actual leader of 1v1 ladder??)

New cyclic event: "A Question to Fizzer": 2/4/2016 00:47:03

Catus Cauda
Level 52
Wow, just wow.
Put it on uservoice.
+3 from me.
New cyclic event: "A Question to Fizzer": 2/4/2016 00:48:32

King C******* V 
Level 58
My question....actual mods for the forums and games?
New cyclic event: "A Question to Fizzer": 2/4/2016 02:24:07

Level 46
Lol, Fizzer would never agree to do this, sadly.
New cyclic event: "A Question to Fizzer": 2/4/2016 04:46:51

[REGL] Pooh 
Level 60
Its on the roadmap, just not a priority.
New cyclic event: "A Question to Fizzer": 2/4/2016 04:51:08

MightySpeck (a Koala) 
Level 58
I fell like Fizzer doesn't like sharing that much information, as when he says he is thinking about doing something, and then doesn't ever end up doing it, a lot of people will complain about it. So i don't think this would accomplish much, other then "You never know." or "It's not on the immediate roadmap."

And It's not like we don't know what is on the immediate roadmap, as Fizzer said he was updating the single player content.

However, a question every now and then might get answered.
New cyclic event: "A Question to Fizzer": 2/4/2016 06:49:07

Level 57
Well, that wouldn't have to be questions concerning only WL development
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