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Turn Order: 2/16/2016 01:48:11

Christ the Redeemer
Level 37
I want to start preparing for when I join the 1v1 ladder. I know turn order can be very important, but how do I know who has 1st or 2nd?
Turn Order: 2/16/2016 01:57:37

Level 67
lose your 1st pick = you will have 1st order on odd numbered turns.

But it is easier to check in the history to see who has first order on a turn, and just use that to assign which player has first turn on odd or even turns.
Turn Order: 2/16/2016 07:55:05

Level 56
Now I'm confused Buns.. what if both players have different first picks?
Turn Order: 2/16/2016 08:54:25

Bayern München is the best!
Level 59
You'll lose it just because Buns157 says this.
Turn Order: 2/16/2016 08:59:23

Level 59
In "Cyclic move order" you don't directly see move orders, but they are fixed from start.. You have to find out who is first.

For more info

As Buns stated, if your first pick was stolen, you was second on picking phase (turn 0) so in turn 1 you will be first.

Edited 2/16/2016 08:59:35
Turn Order: 2/16/2016 09:13:57

Level 59
Turn Order: 2/16/2016 09:59:39

Level 57
Also remeber that order of deployments is the same as order of moves. Therefore you can attempt to judge accoring deployment orders, too. But bear in mind that many players try to hide that by assigning their 1st deployment outside of your borders. Sooner or later, you will figure it out anyway. It looks complicated when written, but usually, one quick look at orders in history is everything you need.
Turn Order: 2/16/2016 12:13:46

Dublin Warrior 
Level 48
Why can't it just be shown?

Or at least the option to allow players to see it... :P
Turn Order: 2/16/2016 12:29:29

Level 66
another tip:
Imagine you can see enemy moving (for example) between yours 4. and 5. move.
Knowing that move order is alway ABBAABBAA...,
the only* possibility is, that it's your opponent 1st move turn:
op, you(1), you(2), op, op, you(3), you(4), op(visible), you(5)

as the opposite situation is not possible:
you(1), op, op, you(2), you(3), op, op, you(4) [op. move can't be executed here]

Ofc. you can use it only, when opponent's move is shown before your last move.

* assuming no OP card involved

Edited 2/16/2016 12:30:44
Turn Order: 2/16/2016 13:09:39

Level 59
"Oh boy, I just saw my opponent move! Time to spend 30 minutes back-calculating it! Playing the ladder is fun!"
Turn Order: 2/16/2016 13:39:38

Level 67
30 minutes or 30 seconds, it really depends if you're the type of person to dribble a lot.
Posts 1 - 11 of 11   

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