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Vehicles of the Philippines: 2/16/2016 05:42:47

The Mad Japanese
Level 51
The Philippines has many killmachines ranging from shitty dangerous tricycles with really old drivers with blindness to superfast drag-racing buses that would make you inside-out after the ride. Here are some examples:

It is a motorcycle strapped to a carridge or something using superglue and duct tape. They are the cheapest form of public transportation in the Philippines and are totally safe with a death rate of 9000% across the country. They are found in every village, town, city, and backwater shithole with varying designs from dilapidated bikes with a homemade crappy engine to overkill machines that turn you inside-out. Word of Advice: Do not ride a tricycle or else you will be raped, straight or gay!

It is a bike similar in design to the tricycle only it has an umbrella that rains dirt and cowshit and doesn't protect you from the rain. It is mainly found in the mouth of a road leading to a village or a barangay as they call it in the philippines. They are usually driven by a boy who has some kind of leg injury and is useless as shit, a drug-addicted middle aged man with a f***ed up brain, to a blind-ass old guy wearing nothin but a gay gangsta cap. Word of Advice: Do not ride a trisikad or else you will be dumped into a ditch.

It is a large jeep with a top speed of 9000 Miles per hour and a high rate of accidents of about 5000%. It is found mainly in the towns or cities and are usually colored in bright designs. A single jeepney has the capacity of 1000% and are essential in the life of a city in the philippines. Occasional Jeepney Passengers are usually half naked men, poor ugly bitches, students with a mental capacity of a broken brick, and workers who are payed only 10 pesos per year which is equivalent to about 1/4th of a dollar. Word of Advice: Do not ride a jeepney or else you will end up in a wreckage site along with pieces of s***.

It is a road vehicle designed for carrying passengers around the city and idiotic drag-racing that will certainly end in a car accident. They are found in towns and cities in the philippines and are essential to the Tourism Industry. Filipino Bus Drivers are men with no highschool education and frequently get dragged into a drag-race by another Bus Driver who called him "Putanginamo" which means F*** you in Tagalog or whatever voodoo gibberish they got in there. Word of Advice: Do not ride a bus in the philippines or else you will end up in a wreckage of about 3-4 buses.

And those are the Vehicles of the Philippines. Also another Word of Advice: Never go to the Philippines or you'll regret it!
Vehicles of the Philippines: 2/16/2016 06:58:39

The Mad Japanese
Level 51
Feline, this entire post is a mixture of sarcasm, criticism, and racism.
Vehicles of the Philippines: 2/16/2016 07:21:34

Lord of Turnips
Level 59
No, he means that he intended to be sarcastic not you, I think that he was upset by your serious answer.
Vehicles of the Philippines: 2/16/2016 08:40:33

Welsh Knight
Level 59
not many kids in philllipines, judge how u want though I don't care a whole lot.
sorry ur upset.

Edited 2/16/2016 08:41:11
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