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Hostile Rants [Season 1]: 2/16/2016 18:24:28

Level 58
Is a video game an example of gamification ?

Gamification is the most misused word. The second misused word is cloud computing.

Cloud computing existed with It existed before that. Usenet is a form of cloud computing because you can save your posts online and access it from anywhere...

Is there a TRUE definition for gamification ?

Is Cloud Computing just a bunch of words tangled together by sheer will ?

Are "tags" close to jargon or they mean nothing ?
No one can give a concise definition of CyberCrime by example...

Almost all CyberCrime fall into the category of social engineering.
When it became easier to know one's phone, it is easier to pretend to be something you are not.

Also, online impersonation is just a consequence of social engineering in a social network.

You don't have an electronic email but a DIGITAL MAIL. When people will learn that their things are stored in binary...

Social network is also a misleading name. A network supposes that everyone *has* a friend or related to others somehow. Mono-Networks don't exist.

On a LAST NOTE, ONLINE "gaming" is synonymous with multiplayer. Multiplayer that is not local is in all cases online multiplayer. Many Browser Games are falsely considered as "ONLINE GAMES". They are often not multiplayer and they require you to download the full game over the internet...
Do we really say that we view ONLINE PAGES when navigating in the WWW ?

More to come...
Hostile Rants [Season 1]: 2/16/2016 18:30:56

The Lord
Level 52
Also, online impersonation is just a consequence of social engineering in a social network.

Yes! Nauztroll is a prime example! Here's his alt:

^The guy is not Real Donald Trump! It's a fake!
Hostile Rants [Season 1]: 2/17/2016 02:03:56

Level 55
I love the way you type, it's so nonlinear, +1 for making for interesting reading, -1 for I couldn't really understand your point.
Hostile Rants [Season 1]: 2/17/2016 04:04:37

Level 59
@The Lord I laughed really hard because that's my alt.
Hostile Rants [Season 1]: 2/17/2016 04:36:07

Level 58
F.Y.I. I wrote the OP in the early morning.

I believe that they are too many garbage-words nowadays. Group of elitist people create new words only to fulfill their ego.

In my own view, each word is its "own reality" through its meaning or its roots. If you create a word just as a trademark for your own industry, it may serves your goals but ruins the English language. As an example, since MS-DOS, educational software existed in the form of games but it was not special. Nowadays, you see simulation software as planes/boats/etc. referred as a production of the "gamification process" if it found some way to be labelled educational. There is a lot of *blogs*/*research*/*activity* related about EDUCATION with GAMES. I am totally sure that pre-schoolers learnt by playing ages ago without the gamification theory neither the visual/musical/kinetic learner theory. In summary, if education professionals lived well and happy without those concepts/words, there is no need for them.

As my second point, many words are created as marketing ploy. Cloud computing was referred as TIME-SHARING in the 1961. According to Wikipedia, some scientists called a network of computers/servers as a cloud to refer to a single entity. Rather than cloud computing, I would prefer a word that has the meaning of the two combined ideas. Many people criticize "cloud computing" for being a buzzword which means it is only there to get attention.
If we try to make an original meaning for CLOUD COMPUTING, it would be : Network + Use of Computer OR rather a Computer-Network. It illustrates the idea of a Network being used as a Computer. It is similar to Time-Sharing but not any different from Super-Computers. A Super-Computer is essentially a Computer made up of multiple computers in the same way a cloud is made up of different servers. The danger of buzzwords is that no one knows how to use them. It does not stop the buzzwords from being circulated. Each person may have his own idea on the definition of cloud computing.

As my third point, a word must be coined only to describe a new reality. Too many words were invented in this decade. Most of them feels to be trademarks. If I was to coin a word as cloud computing, I would provide a definition as "super-computer" or "super-computer + online service". It would be a lot better than the **current** definition of the word which seems to be "something-something online...".
There are guidelines for properly creating a neologism.
If it is normal to have these many new words, the problem could lie in the INTERNET. Many decades ago, when someone created a new word, it would likely enter the dialect of the village/city/region and stay there. It could also be argot. It was fine as it did not impede communication. With the Internet, neologisms travel everywhere. Everyone receives their share of new words. As part of the problem, the media people is fond of exoticism; they use all the new words. In my opinion, when too many words enter the language OR if someone creates a buzzword, it becomes very hard to communicate. Almost all the articles on gamification or cloud computing does not explain what it is.

In conclusion, you should not try to **create** a new word using your will. Neologism is acceptable in artistic work, philosophy or to describe new things (science). If you want to coin a word, you should make a conference or call some linguists... I believe it took over ~ 20 years to coin the equal sign in mathematics. Robert Recorde wrote to other mathematicians to convince them that *his* symbol/representation for an equal is the best. And no one else knew of the (=) sign during the process. Are people less rigorous on language than a few decades ago ? Should we still use greek/latin/english roots to create words with etymology ? Or prioritize visual, auditory, imaginative quality of a word ?

What is a neologism ? :
Hostile Rants [Season 1]: 2/17/2016 05:01:04

Level 58
Quote :

Also, online impersonation is just a consequence of social engineering in a social network.

Yes! Nauztroll is a prime example! Here's his alt:

^The guy is not Real Donald Trump! It's a fake!

I think I meant that is better to use words in a technical sense instead of what just sounds best. Online impersonation is often used in context of faking a social network profile to look like someone else. If you enter the circle of the friends of the target, you can extract some personal information. Eventually, the true goal of social engineering is to penetrate big companies by forcing someone to reveal important info. If you are a friend of an acquaintance that is somehow related to your target/prey, you can slowly climb up and find information to deceive someone.

That whole thing is the point of Social Engineering. It does not change by a little bit if you use internet or not. The term online sole use is as a descriptor rather than a modifier. "Online" seems to be used by many companies as part of their advertisement program. The online word does not differentiate from their competitors. Usually, you would expect some arguments as cheaper/faster/easier-to-use that are comparative. If your super-awesome-product is online, it is just a feature and does not necessarily tell how it is better.

Edit : We are far past the Y2k. Online or animated websites are not magic anymore

As part of the tag "thing", I meant something like a label which is THE definition of a buzzword.

Buzzword :

A word loosely used in a certain type of context. It means nothing outside of that particular context.

It irritates me when people make big things of pile of nothing. The Internet Hype / Euphoria / Fanaticism / Gustave Lebon Phenomen is REAL and NOCIVE.

Edited 2/17/2016 05:03:27
Hostile Rants [Season 1]: 2/17/2016 05:46:56

Level 58

Social engineering is that.

The expression "online impersonation" is used in most cases in context of social engineering.
Hostile Rants [Season 1]: 2/17/2016 07:55:38

Thomas 633
Level 56
Oh god, I agree with too many madeup words. My personal hatred is for "chillax".
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