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1v1 Ladder (Expired Games): 2/20/2016 03:34:53

Gustave II 
Level 60
So in the 1v1 ladder right now my rating is rising very slightly with each win about 1-2 points per win.

First question: So does this have anything to do with unexpired games played when I was nooby?

Second Question: Do I have to wait until those games to expire for my rating to actually start rising quickly?

Last question: How long until they expire?


Edited 2/20/2016 03:40:35
1v1 Ladder (Expired Games): 2/20/2016 03:39:17

Good Kid 
Level 56
The more unexpired games you have, the less each new game impacts your rating.

Pretty sure games expire after six months, it used to happen faster but was changed at the same time that it changed from needing 15 games to needing 20 to become ranked if I remember correctly.
1v1 Ladder (Expired Games): 2/20/2016 03:43:25

Gustave II 
Level 60
Does my rating actually drop when games I won expire / rise when games I lost expire?

Edited 2/20/2016 03:43:39
1v1 Ladder (Expired Games): 2/20/2016 03:46:36

Good Kid 
Level 56
Yes. Hypothetically anyway. A loss to a high rating player can actually raise your rating, and a win vs. someone with a low rating can lower your rating which i somewhat counter-intuitive.

You don't need to stop playing and wait for the old games to expire though, so long as the new games are played better than the old ones your rating should gradually rise when the old games begin to expire.

Honestly though, your rating seems fairly accurate, for example you've won 6 of your last 16 games vs. people rated between 1400 and 1500. You've won 31 of your last 48 games, which seems like a lot, but that includes going 22-5 vs. people under 1400, meaning only 9-12 vs. people above 1400.

Edited 2/20/2016 04:09:38
1v1 Ladder (Expired Games): 2/20/2016 10:04:10

Beren • apex 
Level 62
Games expire after 5 months.
1v1 Ladder (Expired Games): 2/20/2016 11:50:50

Prabster Realm
Level 58
I was 260th on ladder just a month ago and now im 164th
cannot be more satisfied than these ...More they expire more the fun
1v1 Ladder (Expired Games): 2/20/2016 12:04:33

Level 59
Oh, that might be why I don't have a rank yet then, because I've played more than 20 games but some of them have expired this makes more sense now, thanks! :)

Edit: According to my list it seems to take 5 months for them to expire

Edited 2/20/2016 12:07:25
1v1 Ladder (Expired Games): 2/20/2016 22:55:52

Level 59

I've beaten a ton of low ranked players... now my rating rises so slow...
1v1 Ladder (Expired Games): 2/21/2016 01:59:55

Cata Cauda 
Level 57
Yes. Its 5 months till they expire.
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