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Team coin games wanted !: 2/22/2016 18:08:58

Level 60
Will there ever be team coin games? just wondering if this will be a option since teams are allowed in coin tournaments why not in normal coin games ?

I Also believe this would help boosting the coin part of the game by getting more people to play.

May be im just not seeing the negative side on this but if you have some reasons please tell me :)
Team coin games wanted !: 2/22/2016 18:43:22

master of desaster 
Level 65
You got more control who joins you on a would probably be easier to cheat but other than that no idea.
Team coin games wanted !: 2/22/2016 20:10:37

dodo comander 
Level 57
Fizzer said in his Q&A that team games almost always end up with the team that play together regularly to win vs two random people joining a game.

Thus making team coin games unfair. He talked about a way of get people to pair up and join a team game as a group. But honestly I dont thinking this top priority, then again maybe I am wrong...
Team coin games wanted !: 2/23/2016 16:30:35

Master Turtle 
Level 61
Team games where the teams are automatically determined at the time the game is started. That way you cannot pick what team you are on or who your teammate is....
Team coin games wanted !: 2/23/2016 16:37:01

Level 63
You can't use random algorithms in coin games for tax reasons
Team coin games wanted !: 2/23/2016 16:42:04

Level 58
yeah I was about to say. Random teams would allow an element of luck. Also what happens to the rules considering alts as many people play team games with their alts. There are too many what ifs with this an isn't worth the trouble of enforcing it. I'm sure Frizzer has a lot on his mind concerning the future of Warlight but then again team coin games wouldn't surprise me since it would mean more money he can pocket.
Team coin games wanted !: 2/23/2016 17:10:35

Welsh Knight
Level 59
good idea, random teams make sense, or how about Team groups, with cheaters being reported.
Team coin games wanted !: 2/23/2016 18:27:48

Level 58
the problem is you need to rely on the partner to help you and not make you lose the coins
Team coin games wanted !: 2/24/2016 09:19:47

Level 60
Radnom is not allowed since it makes lottery this has to be a game of skill so picking your team would be the way to go.

I cant see the reason for "Teaam games would be won by guys that are used to play togethere" i mean ofcourse its a game of skill.

Bring on team coin games and i promise it will bring life to the coin community.
Even war between teams and Fizzer should love that :)

Edited 2/24/2016 09:20:25
Posts 1 - 9 of 9   

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