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List of bugs: 2/29/2016 20:53:51

Level 57
For lazy players who cant be bother using bug report function...

- when you want to cancel an attack, instead of using "cancel" button, you do an attack with 0 by mistake. And here comes the drama. 5 pop ups before you can modify your order. It should let us do an "attack of 0" just with a warning message which disappears automatically when we move the mouse (no need to close it), or don't warn at all.

- Ctrl + right click on "Create game" doesnt work, if you want to create a game in a new tab.

- When you hit history instead of settings by mistake at turn 0 you have another pop up. Again there could be just a message which disappears alone. Also maybe highlight or seperate more settings and history buttons.

Edited 2/29/2016 21:22:11
Posts 1 - 1 of 1   

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