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Air Attack / Paradrop Card: 3/2/2016 01:27:20

Level 57
What does everyone think about the creation of an "Air Attack" card, that works sort of like an airlift, but it is an attack instead. It could be used only on border territories that you share with another player.

Potentially also add in a "Paradrop" card, that could go beyond border territories.

It might add a twist to the game, just a thought.
Air Attack / Paradrop Card: 3/2/2016 01:30:55

Cata Cauda
Level 58
Airstrikes could also be a thing!
Air Attack / Paradrop Card: 3/2/2016 01:34:19

Level 62
the air attack sounds like the bomb card to me right? Paradrop could be interesting though, however it would be very difficult to defend against with similar incomes. Giving the player who airdrops a huge advantage
Air Attack / Paradrop Card: 3/2/2016 02:02:32

Level 59
Hmmm, perhaps not if the card was 2 turns based. First turn you tag the airdrop position, the other player can see it, and the attack occurs on the next turn after the deploy phase.

Would be great to form strategies in case the opponent can't see the ammount of units you're sending, with fake airdrops on the ennemy (just one unit, to take his focus away from the border), or with multiple airdrops in the ennemy.

In any case, the defender could have an advantage against the attacking units, if the attack fails every unit dies. There could be also a defensive bonus against airdrops.
Air Attack / Paradrop Card: 3/2/2016 02:16:57

Level 58
Maybe pay a % cost ?

It could be a game setting. You pay a base cost for every territory you move through as 20 %. It is a compromise between normal game AND multi-attack.
Air Attack / Paradrop Card: 3/2/2016 18:35:38

Level 58
I think bomb cards should be as customisable as sanction cards are.

i.e. You can adjust the % of armies the bomb kills like you can adjust how much you harm someone's income.

Same thing with commanders! I want to be able to make my commander worth 70 armies instead of just 7 when the bonuses are * by 7! :D
Air Attack / Paradrop Card: 3/2/2016 18:40:03

Level 58
but bomb card you can only use if you see the terrtory i would be nice if you could attack a terrtory anywhere(mabey you know they are there)
Air Attack / Paradrop Card: 3/2/2016 19:20:53

Level 59

You shouldn't be able to create commander's games with different commander's worth. First you'd need to be a member xD

Life is tough...

Edited 3/2/2016 19:21:18
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