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Won a diplo from australia: 3/4/2016 01:45:26

Thomas 633
Level 56
Won a diplo from australia: 3/4/2016 03:40:30

Level 55
Italy has cure 24 cancer patients.

All are male however. Female patients seem to have no effect.

Korea knows how to fix that problem. You simply have the cured male 'share' the cure through certian actions with the female.

... Trying that know. (You are talking about sex right?)

We are talking about the means of a cure. However you you view the spreading of the cure is up to you. But yes intercourse on a mass scale is being suggested.

.. We will know if it does in a couple weeks

Great. We also recommend vidoeing the 'acts' to better study the side effects of the cure.

remember to publish them too

Apparently the cure for cancer can sexually transmitted ... Hookers have become extremely expensive and popular in Italy.

Japan passes a new policy making hentai uncensored. All the better to eject the cancer cells.

N.Korean privates frightened the Japanese people to censoring privates long ago. It is said that the Koreans to the North carried the largest of dongs.

This is why I didn't make Gen. Numbnuts North Korea in that one diplomacy. Glad I skipped this game.
Won a diplo from australia: 3/4/2016 09:05:17

Thomas 633
Level 56
Won a diplo from australia: 3/4/2016 23:36:48

Gen. NumbNuts
Level 48
Tis a shame we dont play more diplos together Xapy. If we did you'd know that I dont always roleplay this way.
Posts 1 - 4 of 4   

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