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Microsoft Windows Phone: 3/5/2016 11:20:25

The Peacekeeper
Level 40
I am sure you know what is coming next:

I have just bought a Microsoft Lumia 950XL and realised I cannot play the game on it! Is there any plans to create an app for Microsoft Windows phones?
Microsoft Windows Phone: 3/5/2016 11:26:27

Thomas 633
Level 56
It's been discussed, and because they don't sell very well (phones) no.
Microsoft Windows Phone: 3/5/2016 11:28:57

Angry Koala
Level 57
"not on my immediate roadmap"
Microsoft Windows Phone: 3/5/2016 11:58:56

Prabster Realm
Level 58
Im having a note 5 and the app has sone issues

The maps do not show itself at full in normal screen
i have to eblarge a map to see the bonuses and map colours
Microsoft Windows Phone: 3/5/2016 15:53:02

MightySpeck (a Koala) 
Level 58
Yeah the mobile app is a little out of date, so I wouldn't be surprised if there is a new update for it this year.
Microsoft Windows Phone: 3/5/2016 15:55:12

[AOE] JaiBharat909
Level 56
I have a Nokia Lumia 1020 and I regret everyday getting a windows phone. The app store is just crap and the touch screen is buggy.
Microsoft Windows Phone: 3/5/2016 16:09:34

Level 59
See, where you went wrong was when you bought a windows phone...
Microsoft Windows Phone: 3/5/2016 16:28:37

Level 60
people have asked for it a few times already:

i don't really see the need for it anymore. windows phone market never pulled through and microsoft itself seems to be abandoning it. people who want to use their phones and tablets also for gaming buy android or apple, not microsoft.
Posts 1 - 8 of 8   

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