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Beating Crazy: 5/1/2011 04:05:38

Yitzhak Rabin
Level 14
Hey all, kind of a noob. wanted to see if y'all have any tips for beating crazy. every time I play i either end up between two teammates or one team gets eliminated quickly....
Beating Crazy: 5/1/2011 06:04:48

Level 50
Beating Crazy: 5/3/2011 20:47:43

Level 3
Rather rude, it's not like Insane where a fixed strategy works a majority of the time. The random spawn eliminates guides easily.

Tactic i like is to spawn in NA. NA I believe is a rather strong spawn point when having to deal with multiple enemies. The easy +5 and then easy +10 is a huge boon.

Besides that, there isn't that much of an exact strategy then the normal crap you'd do. If you end up facing 3-4 enemies before getting the +10 your doomed anyway, no matter where you start.
Beating Crazy: 5/3/2011 23:40:22

Level 44
there are already alot of threads about this...
generally speaking, just learn how the AI operates, and that makes this challange 10X easier.. if you don't start in one of the better bonuses, generally is best to restart.. if you find an AI in the first couple of turns, is generally better to just restart.. and other then that use intel to gauge who you think is doing better and battle them accordingly.

If you can't figure it out, some of the better bonuses, depending on AI starting location are CA, Waf, Eaf, Caucasus, India, Scandinavia

CA and the Africas tend to be better cause you can gather a quick starting spot that is easily guardable.. and don't waste time capturing the really bad bonuses until you've got the game mostly in the bag, *Canada-E.Rus-SAm-Ant-Aussie are the worst*

the most important part imho is learning the AI.. which is part of the reason why I personally don't ever use AI at start in games.. they are incredibly easy on even odds if you learn how they work..
Beating Crazy: 5/4/2011 13:02:20

Rainbow Dash (Kurtis)
Level 3
dont start in USA or Aus
Beating Crazy: 5/4/2011 14:02:25

Level 44
I think the only real advantage to starting in the america's is the lack of starting locations, thus decreasing the posibilitiies of an early opposition, and increasing the chance of multiple ai's battling in useless bonuses and asia..
Posts 1 - 6 of 6   

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