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Love: Paugette and a Loli (A Warlight FanFic): 3/9/2016 17:48:38

Level 41
Lolicon Love caressed Paugette in his arms as she slowly started dosing off in the sunlight of this beautiful, remote park they had discovered near Loli's cabin home in Connecticut. Everything was as it should be, perfect.
Paugette sat up, surprising Loli, however, he remained silent. She then looked right into his eyes, tears starting to flood her own.
"Babe, um, do- do you love me?" she asked.
Lolicon remained silent, she was a little old for him and in addition to this what would it mean for his bachelor life if he hitched some girl he had only started dating a month ago.
"It's just," she went on, "I- I think I love you and, and I think I want to spend the rest of my life with you."
Lolicon was still silent, unable to respond.
"Please, respond, I'd hate to think I've made of fool of myself."
"I, uh. Do..." Lolicon managed to say, immediately regretting it.
"That's wonderful! I love you so much!" She jumped on top of him and began taking Loli's clothes off.
He laid there, looking at the sky as the sun set. Shit, he thought to himself.
However, he was soon lost in Paugette. Making love to her was always amazing and they worked excellently as a team. After about 15 minutes, they left back for the cabin.
Once inside, they started off for bed as it was getting pretty late.
"What movie do you want to watch?" Paugette asked.
Lolicon was silent and thought to himself, yeah, I said the right thing. He laughed to himself before picking.

Two weeks later...

The busy season was starting and Lolicon's firm job was harder than ever, in addition to this his boss was getting a divorce and (like a professional would) took out his anger on his employees. Lolicon received loads of files which it was clear he wouldn't be able to organize in a first attempt.
Disgusted with all of this he left to the bathroom where he entered a stall and checked his phone, immediately surprised that he had 63 messages and six voicemails.
"Hey babe,"
"Are you okay?"
"Busy with work?"
"I hope you don't hate me for texting you,"
"Oh gosh I hope you don't want to leave me,"
"Babe please"
and they went on.
He sent a text back confirming he was okay and not leaving Paugette but was starting to get annoyed.

Continuation, coming soon.
Love: Paugette and a Loli (A Warlight FanFic): 3/9/2016 17:53:12

Empire of Kilos
Level 31
I'm no weeaboo. But I know a good ship when I see it.
Love: Paugette and a Loli (A Warlight FanFic): 3/9/2016 18:29:14

Lolicon love 
Level 56
Ah it reflects my inability to have a relation in real life too.
Love: Paugette and a Loli (A Warlight FanFic): 3/9/2016 18:45:51

Angry Koala
Level 57
I like it xD Paugette <3
Love: Paugette and a Loli (A Warlight FanFic): 3/9/2016 19:19:04

Lolicon love 
Level 56
Wait will we get a "the past part 2" I want to know what happens to me.
Love: Paugette and a Loli (A Warlight FanFic): 3/9/2016 19:36:13

Level 41
Of course we will, I just was feeling horny for some senpai
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