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Does Billy Joel Have a Bad Song?: 3/16/2016 00:05:30

Darth Darth Binks
Level 56
If Billy Joel had made a bad song, then I've never heard it. For those who don't know who Billy Joel is, he's one of the most well known singers/songwriters in the United States.

Some of his songs include but are not limited to:

Piano Man

Only the Good Die Young

Uptown Girl


For the Longest Time

Moving Out

We Didn't Start the Fire

My Life

Just the Way You are


New York State of Mind

Scenes From an Italian Restaurant

^These are all hits of his. If you live in the States, or in a country with American influence in and throughout it, then I am confident you have heard at least one of these songs. So my question is, does Billy Joel have a truly bad song? Please don't say 'All of them.' If you are not a fan of Billy Joel, then you don't need to tell everyone. Of course, you can in your own thread.

Edited 3/16/2016 00:17:57
Does Billy Joel Have a Bad Song?: 3/16/2016 00:15:58

Luna {TJC}
Level 56
Include saigon on his example song list.

The entertainer is quite fantastic as well
Does Billy Joel Have a Bad Song?: 3/16/2016 00:18:56

Luna {TJC}
Level 56
Captian jack and the stranger are wonderful as well

(Okay you right I can't think a bad song even labeling one as definitively the worst would be hard but that might have to go to keeping the faith)
Does Billy Joel Have a Bad Song?: 3/16/2016 00:47:32

Level 54
I also enjoy billy Joel and. .. -most- of his discography. Some of his stuff i question. No specific examples.
Does Billy Joel Have a Bad Song?: 3/16/2016 05:57:38

Conquerre II
Level 52
I can't think of a bad song of his off the top of my head, but he probably has one. Most songwriters do, they just never become famous.
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