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Reports: 5/6/2011 13:50:24

Level 33
Randy, does "Report" thing really work or is it just a placebo?
Reports: 5/6/2011 16:37:56

Level 4
I was told in another thread to use it (I reported somebody on the forums). The guy got suspended, although immediately signed up again as "MrSuspended".
Reports: 5/6/2011 19:48:11

Level 57

WarLight Creator
Every report gets looked at. The problem is many of the reports are reporting people for things that the report dialog explicitly says not to report people for, such as booting. Booting isn't against the rules - it's there to keep games from getting stuck.

Or I get reports where they claim someone said something really foul, but when I look I can't find any instance of that person actually saying it. I frequently e-mail the reporter to make sure they reported the right person, or to show me where they said those things, but I have yet to receive a reply from one of these. I think they're just hoping I'll suspend someone who did nothing wrong without checking. That will never happen.

The bottom line is yes, if the person did what you said and it's actually against the posted rules, action will be taken. Sometimes if it's not that bad and it's their first time they'll just a warning - this is why you should continue to report someone if they do it again.

If they sign up a new account and break rules with the new account, please report them again. On a psychological note, the best way to deal with a troll is to report and ignore. They're looking to try to get you angry and they desperately want some feedback that they succeeded in their goal. If you tell them that you're displeased with them, you're just encouraging them to continue.

If everyone ignores them, they'll get tired really quickly and leave, especially when faced with the hassle of having to create new accounts all of the time. I also now have the ability to block IP ranges from signing up new accounts, but I haven't had to use it yet. The whole situation isn't really as bad as this post makes it seem - there are very few bad apples so far in WarLight :)
Reports: 5/8/2011 16:57:10

Level 4
"The whole situation isn't really as bad as this post makes it seem - there are very few bad apples so far in WarLight :)"

I've played over 1000 games and only met 2 or 3. Warlight is a very nice community.
Posts 1 - 4 of 4   

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