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Past Game Statistics: 3/24/2016 00:41:52

Cousin Vicker
Level 56
I want a way to see my 1v1 win/loss record by country of origin of players I played against. I'm fairly certain that there are other players that would find that interesting so I wanted to get some feedback from the community on how to go about doing it. I know you can see all of your past games, but it would take a long and tedious time to go through them 1 by 1 because I have almost 1,000 games so far, and I know other players have way more than that. Anyone have any ideas? Maybe a program you can run that goes through your past games to get that info?
Past Game Statistics: 3/24/2016 01:25:00

Level 59
Speak with Muli or uservoice it. But I would agree with Fizzer if he said there was more urgent on his road map^^. Plus country changes automatically when you travel so even if its not a pb (the program could take the info at the time of the surrender) it could give you false statistics.
Past Game Statistics: 3/24/2016 05:54:55

Cousin Vicker
Level 56
Thanks for the feedback, Mike. I am unfamiliar with uservoice, what is that? explain it to me as I were a 3 yearold

I know people travel and move, and its really only something I wanted to do for fun so if there are a few false stats I'm ok with that.
Past Game Statistics: 3/24/2016 06:21:10

Level 58
it's not only travelling but usage of a VPN or proxy server can change the country you live in pretty fast on your profile so these stats are less relevant on high level for sure since some of them use one of those on standard base.

I might give you more info about uservoice soon but i don't have time right now myself.
Past Game Statistics: 3/24/2016 06:37:02

Dublin Warrior 
Level 48
UserVoice is an internet service, that offers customized survey and other customer feedback services to other businesses.

Those businesses send their customers who want changes in the products and services offered, to the customized UserVoice website for that business.

Those customers create polls and vote for changes that they want to see happen with your favorite internet-savvy service/company... like, say,

More details:

Feedback site:
Past Game Statistics: 3/24/2016 16:43:16

Level 67
What happened to scorched earths asshole post, it was the first reply and now it's gone. moderator powers?!
Past Game Statistics: 3/24/2016 16:55:12

Level 60
What did it say?
Past Game Statistics: 3/24/2016 16:59:58

Level 56
It was something about how you don't need those stats if you have under 50% wins in 1v1.
Past Game Statistics: 3/24/2016 17:01:57

Scorched Earth 
Level 49
I genuinely think it's a worthless thing to implement. I see the only thing it leading to is arguments over what nationality is best/worst, yay more racism.
Past Game Statistics: 3/24/2016 17:38:36

Level 59
About that missing post...


Edited 3/24/2016 17:40:25
Posts 1 - 10 of 10   

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