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2016 Simulation Recruitment: 3/26/2016 09:32:24

Alex Pennington
Level 52
Recently, myself and Royal Kendor have been working on a new template, which is a very accurate simulation of the world as it stands in 2016. The problem is that this game has a huge number of slots, and will need VERY dedicated and experienced roleplayers to take part. At the moment, there are also too many slots for me to host any test games, so it'd be great if there is anybody who is both willing to, and a high enough level to host it for us.

This thread is aimed at people who want to join the test games, or who have any questions or suggestions about the template, which you can find below.

On behalf of myself and Kendor, thanks in advance for your help.
2016 Simulation Recruitment: 3/26/2016 09:57:41

Level 55
No offence, but

"working on a new template, which is a very accurate simulation of the world as it stands in 2016"

*Put 2s at default
*Copy-pasted countries on
*Either alternate history, or just very wrong in some sites (f.e. Russia has Kherson, Dnipetrovsk, and Kharkiv? Britain has Malta? Somehow Ethiopia gets on the map but Canada doesn't?

It's very mediocre, and not on a good map for diplomacy you seem to want. If you want, I have a rebonused map of World Nations 2012 (bonuses set in 2014, not in 1956 or something) in which you can use to make a "very accurate" simulation of the world. I mean, some territories left neutral (which are distinctly not), and others merged.
2016 Simulation Recruitment: 3/26/2016 10:10:27

Alex Pennington
Level 52
Please note : "working on", this is still in development, and as I did mention, I was, by the time I was almost finished with the initial distribution,trying to save on slots. Therefore, I prioritised all world conflicts (without which the sim would be pointless), and nations directly involved in said conflicts.

The reason I went for Huge World is the sheer depth of detail-its one of very few world maps where Syria is split in to more than 1 territory (essential for this), and where the smaller African nations are split up in to enough territories to create even an approximate representation of the location of all the rebels and militias.

Having said that, I would also be interested to see your rebonused World Nations map and consider using it for this setup.

Also, out of interest what would you suggest about the default 2s, the only idea I had was to set them to 0, and have starting armies at the locations of major military bases. This would also be a way of maybe giving a bit more power to geographically small but militarily powerful nations.

Edited 3/26/2016 10:16:30
2016 Simulation Recruitment: 3/26/2016 12:35:28

Level 59
The only real way to do that is to give them large amounts of starting troops, and hope they have the sense to use them wisely.
2016 Simulation Recruitment: 3/26/2016 13:30:43

Alex Pennington
Level 52
Yeah that was my only reservation, that they might just carve right through neighbouring countries. This scenario is just going to be ridiculously difficult to get right, and it will have to alter even between test games to mirror world events.

The main issue is going to be balancing slots and how each one affects other slots. For the 'local' conflicts (Africa especially) this should be okay, but for superpowers it's going to be a nightmare, so I'd also appreciate input from anybody who has had to do this on this map before, or anybody with any ideas on it.
2016 Simulation Recruitment: 3/26/2016 19:04:45

Level 45
This looks fun! Count me in
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