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New Hampshire map in Development!: 3/26/2016 17:53:12

Level 28
For my first map, I am going to create New Hampshire in Warlight, as it seems there is no New Hampshire map in Warlight, and the maps New Hampshire is a part of, it is relegated to a 1-5 territory district.

Currently, the map I am making has 50 territories and 4 bonuses (using 23 of those territories) in this early stage, with many more to come as I progress. Each individual town in New Hampshire will be its own territory, with the exception of if a town is too small to fit a double digit army into.

Current progress can be found here:

Thoughts? Opinions?

Edited 3/26/2016 18:14:32
New Hampshire map in Development!: 3/26/2016 18:25:35

[RE] I hate this game
Level 52
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Posts 1 - 2 of 2   

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