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Curious: 3/26/2016 20:39:54

Okabe Rintarou ( AKA Hououin Kyouma)
Level 56
okay this question may sound stupid to you but what if Neo-Fascist politicians come to power in Europe after hordes of refuuges comes from middle east in the next 20 years and starting sh't with it more european people getting violent against them and favoring said politicians , what would happen?
Curious: 3/26/2016 20:47:34

Melisandre (the Red Woman)
Level 5
I'd say.... persecution against Muslims?
Curious: 3/26/2016 20:52:40

Level 59
That's pretty much what's happening right now, so we'll see.
Curious: 3/26/2016 21:13:54

[AOE] JaiBharat909
Level 56
These "Neo-Fascist" groups, which in of itself may be a very expanded use of the term "Fascist", don't make up a majority of any significant Western European country. At most, the emergence and growth of popularity in these parties will force the current establishment parties to form broad coalitions to block them from securing powerful posts in the government or parliaments. I have a feeling that the overall objective of these far-right parties will be counterproductive in that instead of separating the EU by exposing cracks between Parliamentary parties, it will encourage the major parties in each country to unify behind some common platform.
Curious: 3/26/2016 21:25:38

Level 55
Poland (their leaders are total stupidheads, nationalism is back, and it leeches off of the EU (and is definitely not for leaving), and has one the most ethnically same countries in Europe (97.8% ethnically Polish)). And like deals for most other middle-European countries.
Curious: 3/26/2016 23:08:58

Level 59
their leaders are total stupidheads, nationalism is back, and it leeches off of the EU (and is definitely not for leaving)

Glad someone else gets the situation.

Not gonna go like "You're insulting my country, you Russian scum! F*ck off, kurwa!", even though it's probably the behaviour the ruling party would expect from a "true" Polish person. Should really make a separate thread about it when I get the time.
Curious: 3/27/2016 06:05:27

The Mad Japanese
Level 51
-Some Guy from the Internet
Posts 1 - 7 of 7   

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