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Texas map naming inconsistencies: 5/12/2011 18:27:59

Dr. TypeSomething 
Level 3
I don't want to moan because I really like the map, and I don't want to make this big and if it is hard or even slightly difficult to fix then no sweat.

But a lot of the region names in the Texas map are wrong. I guess it wouldn't bug me so much but I am playing in a team game and we get really confused because when somebody says "Panhandle" we don't know if they are talking about the actual Texas panhandle that is labeled as "Top" in the map or the Warlight Texas panhandle that is near El Paso. As a TX resident for 6 years, it feels really weird calling El Paso the panhandle and I dislike doing it. Some other regions are slightly off as well, but that is the big one.

If you need help with TX geography, I am no Texan but I have lived here long enough to help out.

Thanks and nice map!
Texas map naming inconsistencies: 5/12/2011 18:50:19

Level 14
I would be more than happy to make bonuses/region names more accurate. Could you provide a list of proposed changes?
Texas map naming inconsistencies: 5/12/2011 19:32:51

Dr. TypeSomething 
Level 3
Awesome! Heh, I just noticed that if I clicked on the map in the main page I could have just sent a message to you instead of broadcasting it on the forum. In any case:

All the regions labeled as "Top" if you substituted "Panhandle" would be correct.

The region labeled as "South Panhandle" is actually Big Bend.

The problem is that pretty much all of Western Texas is just called West Texas and it is pretty geographically deserted. I would call the area currently labeled "South Big Bend" as "Guadalupe Mountains". There really is absolutely nothing where the "North Big Bend" label is. Maybe I would call it "Western Plains"?

There isn't a name I know of for what you call "Panhandle". I think just calling it "El Paso" would make sense.

The area labeled "Southern Tip" is called the "Rio Grande Valley". Why?... I have no idea. Texans like naming things in confusing ways and make valleys when there are no maintains. I think its supposed to inspire tourism or something.

There are smaller things that would cause fights here like where the Hill Country actually is. I live in Austin (in Travis County located in the Southwest Prarie bonus), and almost all of the counties in this area are definitely considered the hill country. But that is nit-picking. The ones above this are big though.

Thanks again!
Texas map naming inconsistencies: 5/12/2011 19:56:10

Dr. TypeSomething 
Level 3
OK, I asked somebody and the region currently labeled as "Panhandle" can be called "Far West Texas".
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