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Personal Rants: Welfare: 3/30/2016 19:55:23

Von Jewburg
Level 35
Now hold your angry comments.

Welfare is understandable. It's a reasonable concept.

What I don't like is that it's tricky to get off of it. Get back on your own feet. Support yourself. Be independent.
Heck, that's part of the fabled "American Dream": Go out there, and with some work and determination, be able to provide for yourself.

There's dozens of careers that can do this. Yet why isn't it happening?
Because those careers are harder to get than expected. Not because of college, but because they're outsourced. And we could easily limit the amount of outsourcing, bring jobs back, get people back to work, making their own money. And with less people on welfare, the less those who aren't on it must pay to support them.

Welfare, in my opinion, is a medicinal drug. You take some of it, and you work through to get better. The problem is when you simply have no other choice but to continue taking it. And you eventually become an "addict", and rather than helping to get back to reality, people decide to just throw more money to it.

It's as if people decided to give an alcoholic more alcohol, so he could be content for a while. But he won't be able to stop at a certain point.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, Apache attack helicopters, is one of the few reasons I like Trump. And why I'm pretty concerned someone's going to shoot him, and everybody will just write him off as a villain who deserved it.
Personal Rants: Welfare: 3/30/2016 20:58:19

Okabe Rintarou ( AKA Hououin Kyouma)
Level 56
Get the free loaders off of the gov.'s back ....atleast find them a job
Personal Rants: Welfare: 3/30/2016 21:29:41

[AOE] JaiBharat909
Level 56
I'm clapping. +1 man. Rational and well thought out.
Personal Rants: Welfare: 3/31/2016 00:04:23

Von Jewburg
Level 35
Well I try to be.
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