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Looking for some (<6) regular template testers: 4/2/2016 03:03:04

Level 55
I want to develop some new balanced templates, and I don't know where the secret tactic community has gone off to...

Anyhow, here is one game.

The rules here are easy enough. As for what is a tactic/strategic game (no, a strategic game is not like a duel; "strategic" is often abused to say it), in short, a competitive game with built-out rules and limits to what you can do. Generally the games I will be testing have capital boroughs, deployment limits, and pocketing.

Ideally, testers will be on often, give crits, and be ready to repeat a template a few times to perfect it.

If you've never tried tactic gamemode before, well, everyone that I know who has tried it thinks that it's a great new way of playing Warlight.
Looking for some (<6) regular template testers: 4/2/2016 07:53:52

Master HFG
Level 55
Thanks for inviting me!
Looking for some (<6) regular template testers: 4/2/2016 09:08:56

Level 59
i would like to test that
Posts 1 - 3 of 3   

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