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Should I join a clan?: 4/10/2016 22:11:49

Korean Empire
Level 53
Just list the pros and cons of joining a clan and if you wish, recommend me for one
Should I join a clan?: 4/10/2016 22:20:50

Level 58
Clans are evil. Elitist pricks are in clans. They think they better than everyone else. Don't join a clan. Don't do it man, its a waste of time. People in clans just get on your nerves.
Should I join a clan?: 4/10/2016 22:25:05

Level 19
You should make this on Clans forum and not General forum
Should I join a clan?: 4/10/2016 22:28:47

The Hysterical Koala
Level 57
use clans to easily socialize/play games with like-minded players. most of the time the main cons will be either required amounts of inactivity, or reputation (depending on the clan in question). as to the pros, well, i've already implied one. what that really entails depends on what you are looking for. I'm not going to recommend strategically oriented clans if you are a Diplo player, for instance.
Should I join a clan?: 4/10/2016 22:52:05

Level 59
Clans dont benefit you per-say, there are clans that play together and do events, so if thats what youre into then a clan might be for you. There are clans that do diplo games and MSF hosts multiple series of tournaments.
Posts 1 - 5 of 5   

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