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AI players won't commit: 4/12/2016 18:18:56

Level 19
I am playing a game with 2 humans and 6 AIs. We just reached turned 61 and the AIs will not commit. They have the asterisk that shows we are waiting for them to commit. They took about 5 minutes to commit for turn 60 and now they have stopped completely. Is there some kind of turn limit or something? We have tried reubmitting our moves. Changing some orders. Logging out and back in....

Edited 4/12/2016 18:21:33
AI players won't commit: 4/12/2016 18:23:03

Level 57
The ai seems to be run off its own server(s), and those get overloaded sometimes. When that happens the ai becomes very slow or doesn't move at all. Unfortunately this has been happening a fair amount recently, possibly because of the update to the ai programming.
AI players won't commit: 4/12/2016 18:23:20

Level 59
Sometimes the AI can't figure out what moves to make, so they need to email another AI and ask for advise. I'm sure they'll make their moves soon though, AI hate getting booted that's why they always have such low boot rates.
AI players won't commit: 4/12/2016 18:32:09

Level 19
Ok, I am going to assume it is just overloaded. It finally moved after about 20 minutes.

Regarding the supposedly smarter AI, we were sure we going to loose this game, but then the AI just stopped attacking all around. They stopped attacking us and each other and the game turned into nothing more than a mop up operation. Anyone else seen that?
AI players won't commit: 4/12/2016 18:41:35

Level 61
no it is usually because the servers which control the ai crashes
AI players won't commit: 4/12/2016 18:42:06

Level 62
Use link the game and say which turn, date and time the AIs didn't commit.
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