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Move forums offsite?: 4/14/2016 17:56:38

Level 51
Would it be worthwhile if we set up WL forums offsite with real moderation mechanisms? We could use a browser extension to add those to the window instead of the official unmoderated forum.
Move forums offsite?: 4/14/2016 17:59:43

Level 60
I have seen this done on two sites I have been on. In one case, the dev made changes to his forums and everyone came back. in the other case the people never went back and still use the other forums.

I don't see how it would help though, as the people would still troll here. Unless you got all the vets to go to the other site that is. But Fizzer isn't going to want you to advertise that new site here. Plus there is usually a cost to making a new forum, who is going to want to pay that?
Move forums offsite?: 4/14/2016 18:27:50

Level 56
He may not like it, but if it's an unofficial fan site/forum which doesn't violate any copyrights, there wouldn't be much he could do to discourage it.

Personally the problems on the forums are minor enough for me to not care about them. I just ignore threads and trolls I don't like. It's not like things have changed much since Usenet.
Move forums offsite?: 4/14/2016 18:54:08

Level 60
Plus there is usually a cost to making a new forum, who is going to want to pay that?

There are websites on which one can make forum for free. I don't know any that is in english though. :p
Move forums offsite?: 4/14/2016 19:15:16

Level 60
Plus there is usually a cost to making a new forum, who is going to want to pay that?

Actually Chris, many websites do it for free and with a lot more variety, easier and better formatting than WarLight's. Invision and PhPBoards for example. Never tried PhpB myself, but invision is super intuitive for forumers, and very easy to manage as an admin. Also has a lot of options such as name check so people can only register using a WarLight name.

And the costs are also generally extremely low, too, so if for whatever reason extra autonomy or an easier domain is needed, it is rather cheap.

In general, I very much enjoy the idea, as Fizzer's moderation is generally not too effective, and the forums are super restricted. The formatting is actually glitchy and doesn't have some other common options (like quote inside a quote, or name of the person quoted, or strikethroughs, etc), does not add Signatures/Emoticons and is just full of badly placed ads (I mean, even as a member, the forums per se occupy only 55% of my screen. The other 45% is a huge black blank space where ads would be; could've been better used).

I'd totally give a plus, and more than willing to help build up the forum's mechanisms. I've tried making quite a few on Invision so I know some basics.
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