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A Short Guide to Bear Pronunciation: 4/15/2016 04:32:24

Level 24
Now, before I get too deep into the basics of bear, it's important to note that the language itself is fairly simple. What makes each letter, word or phrase different is the enunciation as well as the stress placed on each syllable.

Now, the basic sounds are;

Hu-ha,hu-ha,hu-ha,hu-ha : This is often mistaken as deep breathing However, depending on how you place the enunciation, it could mean "Greetings, how are you?" Or "Wot mate!? Ima tear you a fucking new one!!!"

The number of times you say "Hu-ha" can also change the meaning. If you say it 3 times, then you are suggesting that you are in the mood for food. However, if you say it more than 5 times you are saying, "That person looks tasty. Ima kill it."

The Growl : This is the most commonly used sound among us bears. It's also the most important if you plan to take up Bearnese. For people, this sound is regarded as a warning or a thread display but that assumption is far from the truth.

Although there are many minor sounds that are needed to be mixed in with the growl, you really only need to learn to snarl. Placement of the snarl in the growl is important.

Adding a snarl to the beginning of a growl suggests that you "Enjoy English crumpets on a warm Sunday afternoon in the middle of May" while adding a snarl towards the middle could say, "I smell the blood of a man, i'll not stop til I've captured it and mauled it." While even adding a snarl to the end of a growl could mean, "I'm a strong male bear, I'm looking for local singles."

The Snarl : The snarl by itself is not much but it's important to understand that the snarl often identifys one with a particular idea or belief. It's a more advanced sound to master but needed for long and in depth conversations. When snarling, make sure to curl your tongue. Timing the placement of the curl with the snarl will change the meaning and provide more options for communication. For example, when you curl your tongue at the beginning of a snarl you are saying, "I find that the recent American elections have sparked too much attention and are not important for the function of the rest of the world." While a curl at the end of a snarl could mean, "I'm a capitalist pig, I am traitor to the Soviet state. Shoot me."

Mastering the Hu-ha and the growl or very important. If you are just starting out on Bearnese it's not recommended you try talking to a live bear. Being a beginner can allow for some serious communication issues and a misunderstanding that can result in a painful and torturous death. Below is a link to a formal bear greeting. Practicing with it can help improve your Bearnese.

Edited 4/15/2016 04:34:02
A Short Guide to Bear Pronunciation: 4/15/2016 10:20:22

Level 58
This was brilliant! I'll be practicing my Bear for when I move to Siberia to meet Borsk. He is still alive, isn't he?
A Short Guide to Bear Pronunciation: 4/15/2016 12:46:11

Level 24
Borsk lives on. But I have yet to finish telling his tale.
A Short Guide to Bear Pronunciation: 4/16/2016 14:33:52

Maggie De Block
Level 19
Maggie De Block approves
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