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Dividends/proposed clan portfolio & week 1 summary: 5/1/2016 16:59:45

Level 59
The market has decided that each week will begin Sunday, and end Saturday. At the end of the week, any stocks owned will pay a dividend of +0.1% of the stock's value.

An investor may choose to invest in a player's specific ladder performance (for example, the 1v1 ladder) or, if the player is in multiple ladders, the investor can buy shares in the entire player's performance-- a sum of all of his (ranked) ladder ratings. It is possible to buy a fraction of a share.

Illuminati the clan, like all other investors, has been given $1000 as initial capital. Unlike individual investors, its actions will be determined by votes among the shareholders, with each voting period ending at the end of a week. Management proposes the following portfolio:

All ladders excepting seasonal ladders can be invested in. The realtime ladder appears to be the least volatile, as each player cannot drop out of the ladder until a three-day period without playing a game, unlike the other ladders in which a player can drop out without warning. The proposed portfolio would assign the following allocations to each ladder:

1v1 ladder: 16.6%: $166.67
2v2 ladder: 16.6%: $166.67
3v3 ladder: 16.6%: $166.67
RT ladder: 50%: 500$

Out of these allocations, 90% of the funds would be dedicated to investing in the top 10 of each ladder, with the remaining 10% invested in higher-risk stocks that could give potentially higher returns. Since the company's investing will take place on a weekly, instead of daily, basis, it will need to accept less risk than an individual investor would be comfortable with.

The final portfolio would look like this:

1v1 ladder: $15 invested in each of the top 10; $16.67 invested in riskier stock
2v2 ladder: $15 invested in each of the top 10; $16.67 invested in riskier stock
3v3 ladder: $15 invested in each of the top 10; $16.67 invested in riskier stock
RT ladder: $45 invested in each of the top 10; $50 invested in riskier stock

This balances out to 100% of the initial $1000 being invested.

Summary of week 1:

Illuminati takes on one new member. The company's share value has rise to $8159 per share.

Forbidden Knowledge, CEO of Illuminati, currently holds 60.1% of the vote with Once in a while holding the other 39.9%. This is likely to change as more investors buy into the company.


Forbidden Knowledge

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